19-year-old faces life in prison for making pot brownies

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GEORGETOWN, Texas -- A 19-year-old Texas man who could face years in prison for making brownies laced with marijuana and hash oil said Wednesday he remains scared despite new evidence that his attorney believes should reduce the charges.

Jacob Lavoro, 19, sat in court Wednesday, anxiously waiting for the judge to call on him.

"Worried, nervous," is how Lavoro describes his mood.

During the pre-trial hearing, Lavoro learned his case will be presented to a grand jury for indictment in two weeks, and the long awaited lab results have come in. The lab results reveal just how much hash oil were in the brownies Lavoro is accused of making with the intent to sell.

"I don't have it yet [lab results]. But he's advised me he's going to get that to me as soon as possible," Lavoro's attorney Jack Holmes said in court.

Back in April, a pregnant neighbor called Round Rock police saying the smell of smoke coming from Lavoro's apartment was making her sick. Officers say Lavoro made pot brownies that contained THC or hash oil. Officers weighed the brownies in their container and charged Lavoro with having nearly one and half pounds of drugs with the intent to sell, a first-degree felony that carries a punishment of 10 years to life in prison.

According to the arrest affidavit, officers also confiscated THC in a container, $1,600 and an apparent client list.

"Mr. McDonald (Williamson County prosecutor Travis McDonald) advised there was a total amount of 2.5 grams of THC found in all of that stuff. I expected a little bit more out of it, but that's what it is. That's about the equivalent to two and a half of those sugar things you find at a restaurant when you sit down," said Holmes.

Holmes now wants the charges reduced to a second-degree felony, based on the actual amount of drugs found. That would reduce the punishment range to two to 20 years or probation.

"Why we're proceeding, you know, with a trial on this is kind of beyond me but Mr. McDonald advised me that he wasn't going to go away with the case," said Holmes. Adding that he doesn't believe this case would even go to court in his home of Bell County. But he's not holding his breath.

"No I don't think they will at all. I think they're so arrogant, and they're used to getting everything they want when they want it, and judging by his attitude... Mr. McDonald's attitude [Wednesday] afternoon, [he would not] shake my hand. So no, he's not going to come off that," said Holmes.

Still, Lavoro's supporters are optimistic. They gathered before the hearing and after it was complete, delivered a petition with more than 243,000 signatures to the District Attorney's Office requesting charges be reduced.

First Assistant DA Mark Brunner spoke with KVUE News over the phone. He said Lavoro is already facing a second-degree felony for drugs found in the apartment, so it is likely his charge could be reduced. But he points out it's not because of public outcry, it's just procedure.

Regardless of the reason, Lavoro said he is hoping for the best.

"I'm 19-years-old, and I still have my whole life ahead of me. Take that into account, and I can do more good than evil," Lavoro said.

Once Lavoro is indicted, his attorney is hoping to have a hearing set on a motion he filed to suppress evidence. Holmes said officers unlawfully entered Lavoro's apartment.

Lavoro's next court appearance is Sept. 4 at 1:30 p.m.


  • Electric Avenue

    This stupid!!! they weather waste money on a kid with pot, than actually doing there job. Like keeping child molester and pedophiles off street. You can kill and molest children and only serve 2 years, maybe. But, get caught with pot your gone for life! Not because you hurt someone like an innocent child, who will have problems because of molesters, but just because you want to get high! On that note its a plant that grows naturally and has high effects naturally! You don’t add anything to it, like crack, cocaine, or heroin. T
    The “government” and “it’s law” only suits them nobody else! The “government” is the reason us the people have to go through all the wars, economy down fall, and etc. They have no clue what real reality is and how their “laws” affect us the people! Really some of them people have been in government since dinosaurs were around! I mean come on really do u really know whats going on in the world beside what the media tells, which is fake or wrong almost all the time. Because they just want a story.

  • Electric Avenue

    Oh, did you see where the two that killed that teacher are out on bond! But, they have nothing to worry about because they only killed someone, so their get off easy. Good thing they weren’t making pot brownies!

  • joe

    You guys love your dope, don’t you! If this idiot had sold one of these to your kid, would It still be ok? Stop smoking up your brain cells, you might need them later in life.

    • dewey

      Joe….I know enough about it to know that if my kid(s) had gotten one, they’ll be OK in a few hours…and you should stop drinking up your brain cells, but you probably buy into anti-pot propaganda, so you’re already suffering from dementia

    • Carl

      He could have been driving while intoxicated, kill a family of four and got less time…Because, we all know alcohol is so much better for you.btw.they wheren’t for sale…dumbass…

  • Bella Dahna

    This kid shouldn’t even be locked up it’s all about convincing people pot is so bad. We know how pot heads get stoned and beat their wives or kill people driving high. If people would open their eyes and see the truth about how pot users are when high compared to the oh so fun drunks out there. The more it becomes legal the more horror stories there will be by the ones who are against it. If your kid can get a pot brownie they can get alcohol a lot easier.

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