Woman shoots intruder at her home in Goldsboro

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GOLDSBORO, N.C. — Authorities say a woman will not face charges after shooting an intruder at her home early Thursday morning.

It happened around 4:30 a.m. on Providence Church Road, Goldsboro.

According to WTVD, when 28-year-old Paige Ham heard a noise at the back of her home, she looked outside and saw a lock was missing from a storage building in the backyard.

Ham told her roommate to call 911 then she went outside with a gun to see if anything was stolen.

Deputies say that’s when Christopher Todd Brogden, 28, rushed out of the building towards her.

Ham fired her gun and Brogden was hit.

He was in stable condition at the hospital.

While Ham will not be charged, Brogden faces burglary charges when he gets out of the hospital.

Source: WTVD


  • Hans Solo

    You know as good as it is that the bad guy was caught this was an unjustified shooting if you ask me. She knew something was wrong she had her friend call the cops and she still went out side with a gun to look (which is okay with me as an act of force to deter). I carry a gun everyday and I’m a firm believer in using deadly force if the need be but shooting or killing someone over whatever is in your building, wallet, or car isn’t right if they have no way of endangering you (if they have a gun go ahead and shoot them dead given the opportunity) not to say you can’t pull your gun as a show of force to scare them. I just think a lot of people are “trigger happy” and don’t have proper training so when they get into a situation they don’t know anything about situation awareness and deescalation to help determine when it’s okay to make the shot and when it’s okay to just let the police handle it. As much as I hate criminals unless my life or the life of one of my members is in danger I just can’t justify pulling the trigger. I know that N.C. has a castle doctrine but at the same time I can carry my AR-15 down the street in front of a school on the sidewalk but I don’t do it just because I can probably a bad comparison but just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Maybe something happened they aren’t reporting on but this was just not necessary in my opinion.

    • j r nance (@rnance1950)

      Personally I would have did the same thing, it was dark & she was alone in the yard didn’t know what to expect & for all she knew there may have been more then ONE person that could inflict on her bodily harm or perhaps even shoot, knife or beat the Heck out of her so I believe she should have shot that person that Charged at her & she being a female & him being a male if she hadn’t had the gun he could & would have did anything to her he wanted to, so, far as I’m concerned if somebody is on my property either inside my house or in my yard stealing something from my Storage Building, I’m shooting them & answer any questions from the police they’ve got after the fact & if I’m charged with a crime for shooting the intruder I’m asking for a Jury Trial & I don’t believe a jury would convict me & that’s my opinion….

      • Hans Solo

        I can understand that but she understood that something was wrong and still put herself in a situation that would’ve have ended badly for her. What you’re trying to do is justify her shooting someone by saying this and that. But the simple fact of the matter is that a person who has any real firearms training or self-defense would’ve armed themselves and stayed inside until the cops arrived. Instead this woman went into a situation without knowing what was going on with a gun and was spooked when she saw the guy. Now what would you think if it would’ve been some ten year old kids messing around in her building that ran out and she shot one of them? It would’ve still been justified but it put a new perspective on the scenario. You’re one of the types of people I was addressing with the mentality of oh someones messing with my push mower I’m going to walk out with my gun and shoot them if they move or try to run. If that’s not trigger happy I don’t know what is. I’ve had to shoot someone breaking when I was a teenager take it from me you have to live with what you do whether it’s the right thing or not. Thinking back on it right now I should have grabbed my gun and ran out the back door to tried and avoid the situation all together. I was scared out of my mind and I defaulted to what I knew which is why I talk so much about training to everyone it truly makes a difference. It may just be me with this mentality but when I draw a gun it’s going to be the last possible thing to deescalate the situation. Money and material possessions aren’t worth taking a life simple as that.

    • Hans Solo

      Actually Mary there is a difference between a Robbery and a theft what she encountered was a theft. A robbery is more or less a person telling another person to give them their belongings or else. A theft doesn’t endanger anyone and is the act of one person taking another belonging without force. So no she wasn’t robbed and I’m not saying everyone should run from their home or not protect themselves I’m saying they should do it in a reasonable manor of oppositional force having someone in your building shouldn’t mean oh well I’m going to go shoot them. It’s just ridiculous you people are cowards and what makes everyone who doesn’t like guns think the people who do own and use firearms “RESPONSIBLY” look like bad people who are overly possessive of material junk. I don’t have a problem with someone being shot but only if it’s reasonable. If I thought the neighbors kids coming on my yard to get a ball was trespassing and killed one of them how would you feel? It’s essentially the same thought process you simple minded people have. Take it from someone who is trying to help educate people on firearms safety and self defense along with intelligent tactics that just because you can shoot someone on your property, in your space or anywhere else doesn’t mean you should. It’s called morals and I find that even though I’m an atheist “devil worshiping lunatic that’s going to burn in hell” lol that I share a lot in common with other individuals who’ve been in my shoes and share the same training aspirations that I do. I don’t think shooting people is bad I just think not trying to deescalate the situation is completely stupid and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the guy sued and won. A lot of people forget that even though the castle doctrine is in effect I doesn’t protect from what may be later viewed as unjustified use of force.

      • j r nance (@rnance1950)

        I don’t believe you are the person in charge of my home & family so I’ll do what I have to do & you do what you have to do & may I suggest if you are so strongly against the use of firearms to protect your family & yourself then you should just Call the Police & Wait for them to come & help you do whatever needs to be done although it will take them a while to get to your home & by that time maybe you or your family won’t be available to talk to the police when they finally arrive but I’m not willing to take that chance but that’s just me & by the way I’ve had all the training in firearms & self defense I need so refrain from talking about the things I need to do because you don’t know anything about me nor I you….have a good day!!!

      • Hans Solo

        Actually if you read what I wrote you would understand and comprehend that I’ve been in that situation before and have shot someone when I was a teenager. Not to tut my own horn but I have more firearms training than most police officers and military along with nine years of Krav Maga experience. I have no problem with using deadly force or force multiplier at all I just believe most people who use firearms in a defensive situation are not very well trained or aware of repercussions of that situation. They try and take a macho approach to “protecting” themselves and end up causing a situation that didn’t have to happen. Like this lady she knew someone was in her building (I doubt she has any kids in their she needs to protect) she was safe inside of her house with a firearm if someone was to come in. The cops were already on the way and the guy was unaware. It would’ve stayed like that had she had any amount of training. People who aren’t trained or aren’t training don’t realize the risk potential for situations like this she could have gotten herself killed along with her room mate had it been someone with serious intent. In training this is what’s called an adrenaline dump where you find out somethings going on and your first instinct is to check it out because you have a gun and a false sense of security. The fact that she didn’t kill the man is proof enough for me she wasn’t in danger when you’re in a situation where you really have to put someone on the ground you shoot until they don’t move. Why do you think so many people die from police shootings because the police are TRAINED to not stop shooting until they are incapable of moving to make another show of force. But you’ll also note that police for the most part wont shoot people for being somewhere they aren’t supposed be unless they are using a show of force then they will. This guy wasn’t using a show of force and that’s what I’m trying to say just because you can shoot someone doesn’t mean you should. I find it weird that so many people are so eager to pull the trigger on someone. You talk about it like it’s a joke then once it happens even if you know you had to do it, it’ll set in and you’ll have to live with it knowing you either done the right thing to actually protect you family or yourself. Or you’ll go to bed at night knowing you killed someone over a $100.00 push mower in your building while endangering the people around you and it’s “okay” because he was on your property which means nothing if you get yourself killed trying to be a vigilante. Think on it and if you get nothing out of this just go take some defensive firearms classes and talk to some other people like most of the instructors face to face that have had to shoot people you’ll see what I mean to a certain degree.

  • Really

    Exactly Mary……If it was me, the thief would not be in the hospital but in the morgue. I am not running from my home or property because of a criminal, thug or thief.

  • Really

    Well said Nance! The only mistake she possibly may have made was allowing the thief to live. By the way Hans, “reasonable” is very subjective. If more people took the stance this lady took, then maybe these criminals would think twice about stealing or threatening someone. Congrats to this brave lady!!!!

  • Really

    Hans, I have had more training than you could dream of. The value of what is being stolen is immaterial. Its the act of invasion and threatening life that is in play here. This is a 28 year old grown man burglarizing these people, not a kid! I would and do sleep very well knowing one less criminal is on the streets, whether they are in jail, hospital or morgue, makes no difference. I have 0 tolerance for criminals and society should as well. When you give an inch, criminals take a mile. Again, This woman deserves a Medal !!

    • Hans Solo

      Well first off I’d like to meet you and find out some credentials as far as your training goes so I can find out who trained you and go have a conversation with them about their training methods and why they train people with that mindset. However I am highly doubtful that you are as trained as I dream to be. The woman wasn’t being burglarized by definition nor in her mind, nor was she ever in any danger until she played vigilante the man was in a building. please email me at blakeyon2asd@gmail.com and we will set something up to meet at talk or you could come by and show us something on the mats at our training facility in Winston nothing confrontational just to show us some tricks I’m always willing to learn something new. I understand the thing with criminals but you have to remember that we’ve all made mistakes in one form or another I don’t believe whatever was in her building was worth her going out and putting herself in danger and then getting spooked and shooting herself. But seriously email me and we will work something out it’s always fun to meet other people who like to train, teach and learn.

  • Pistol Packing Mama

    Personally I commend her for defending her belongings and home. @Hans Solo, maybe you should allow the “force” to be with you….I can tell you this much, had it been my backyard, he wouldn’t have been breathing. That’s not being trigger happy, it’s called protecting your belongings that you work hard for and want to keep. At 4:30 in the morning, he was up to no good and got exactly what he deserved…..END OF STORY. She deserves a medal!!!

    • Hans Solo

      You know it’s funny that you say you’re a pistol packing mamma. But other than probably have a concealed carried license what training do you have that would’ve kept you safe in the situation other than being stupid enough to walk out? I mean people seem to act like they are invisible when they have a gun in their hand. That’s only problem I have with the situation is that not only did she shoot the guy but she also put herself in a situation where she could have been shot. She could have missed and the bullet could have went straight into a neighbors home so to me it’s not a cut a dry case of good over evil it’s a case of she could have avoided the situation and the bad guy could have been caught. I don’t know about anyone else but there’s nothing in my building that I’m willing to get myself killed over even if it means getting to catch a criminal in the act. The only way I’m pulling my gun is if I’m actually in danger someone breaks into my building yes I’m grabbing my gun, calling the cops, and sitting tight (to make sure my family is safe) unless they make a show of force then I’ll default to my training.

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