Woman set husband on fire after he allegedly molested her 7-year-old daughter, police say

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RENTON, Wash. – A Washington woman is accused of pouring gasoline on her husband and setting him on fire after he allegedly molested her 7-year-old daughter, police told KOMO.

Tatanysha Hedman, 40, allegedly poured gasoline on Vincent Phillips, 52, as he slept on July 17. Hedman then allegedly set Phillips on fire.

Phillips ran out of their apartment and stumbled into a convenience store screaming, “I’m on fire!”

Hedman told investigators she set her husband on fire because he hurt her daughter, who is Phillips’ stepdaughter. She also told officers shooting him “was too nice,” according to KOMO.

Phillips, who is in intensive care, has been charged with first-degree child molestation, according to KOMO.

Hedman was jailed on assault and arson charges.


  • j r nance (@rnance1950)

    The Police should have gave her a medal, too bad the fire didn’t kill him because what he did was scar that little girl for her entire lifetime & she will never be the same little girl she was before because he took her innocence away from her & like I said too bad he didn’t Die from the fire!!!

    • Kawai

      I agree and I would have done the same. He now has some scars for the rest of his life to remind him of the damage he did to this little girl.

  • China White

    F**k that molester i hate and i do mean hate child molesters he deserved everything he got Ftre This Woman NOW!!!

  • alext

    If she would have let the police know and not done what she did, she wouldn’t have gone to jail. She instead decided to burn the man. No justice system will let her out even if she did it for the right reasons.

    • Brooke

      A good lawyer needs to defend this good lady. She could get probation or something with the right lawyer, judge and prayers!

    • Ashley

      There are many cases of people hurting and killing those who have molested their children and they were only arrested on technicality. Chances are she will get out with nothing more that probation. Totally worth it!

  • Cat

    If true, good for her. Serves him right. But sad for the little girl, to make bad matters even worse her mom is now in jail also.

  • Lori

    This is one of those times where I hope a temporary insanity plea will win her freedom. I don’t usually agree with those. I know if he had done that to my child I would be temporarily insane and he would be dead.

  • Debra D Meekins

    If he did do this he needs to DIE. I would have done the same thing. I wished I was on that trial. We are behind you all the way.

  • Linda

    We’ll I would’ve done way worse so if you ask me he’s alive so the fire wasn’t enough. And honestly being a mom of 3 that would be worth every second of going to jail over.

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