Teacher arrested after showing up for first day of work drunk and not wearing pants

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WAGONER, Okla. — A public school teacher was arrested Monday after police say she showed up at school for her first day of work under the influence of alcohol and without her pants.

School officials say they found Lorie Ann Hill, 49, in an empty classroom disoriented and without pants.

The police were called and Hill was booked into the Wagoner City Jail on a public intoxication complaint.

School officials say Hill was just recently hired.

Classes are scheduled to start Thursday.

Source: Tulsa World


    • Doran

      I’ve seen what public school teachers make, I’ve seen my property taxes go up, and I’ve watched as children are being dumbed down and can barely read or critically think when they graduate. So, no, teachers do not need a raise. If anything, many need to go back to school to get smarter or be fired.

      • Jimbo Richmond

        I’ve seen what public school teachers make too, up close and personal. I’ve experienced the schedule, duties, and responsibilities of public school teachers as well. If you have seen what I’ve seen and know what I know and still believe teachers are overpaid, then YOU need to go back to school. Where do most of the raises in the public school system go? To Administrators and coaches.

      • Stephen

        Sooooo…since you are in the know, tell us at what point do most teachers realize the amount of pay that they will get. Is it……one year into college? Is it 2, 3, or 4 years into college? Or do they only find out how much a teacher makes when they get hired, and the school just springs it on them? I am curious….

      • Public Defender

        It’s not the teachers, dude. It’s the system that’s forcing them to teach to the test or be fired. There’s no room for critical thinking anymore; the multiple choice tests don’t use it, so teachers can’t teach it. It’s why I took a pay cut and moved to private school. I make a lot less and have no retirement, but at least I’m teaching my kids some skills they’ll actually use.

      • Carissa

        Because it couldn’t possibly be due to legislation in education and lack of parent involvement. Just because property taxes are going up, doesn’t mean education is getting more money. Have you looked at spending per student?

        Also, please back up thesefindings with facts. Otherwise I vcould just as easily say teachers are turning kids into unicorns and you should believe it’s true!

    • ml Herrera

      I agree with you some ignorant people think educators/teachers get paid a high salary. If they only knew not only is the salary low, they also have to spend their own money to decorate the classrooms . Also, they have to have classroom supplies on hand for those children that can’t afford them. Give me a break raises where do you think it goes!

      • Boyan Frek

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  • jamie

    It says in the article in was in Wagoner, Texas but the mug shot picture say Wagoner, Oklahoma Wow !!! Showing up to work drunk.

  • Really

    This is the very reason tenure should not exist, does not exist in any other occupation. Its the most ridiculous benefit ever conceived. The first responders will have “first responder’s syndrome” for life having “that” with no pants!!

    • Joel Ullom

      Amen! Where’s the stories of the other 10 million teachers across the country that go above and beyond and make miracles happen everyday. Media doesn’t want to report all the amazing things teachers do, just the .001% that make poor decisions.

    • Kriegar

      Actually, the “norm” seems to be sleeping with their students these days. Is this norm the new black? Because I am weary of orange, in our teachers fashions.

    • Kriegar

      And “I guessing”(sic) that you should proofread, before you guess that someone else needs further education. Just sayin’.

    • Kriegar

      Sadly, despite your soapbox, and your high horse, your indignation is misplaced. Cause, it would seem, is a very subjective thing these days. Lawyers, union lawyers or otherwise, have a field day with it. And then, of course, is the threat of lawsuit. So, all in all, your exercise is smoke and mirrors is uncalled for.

      There are other organizations that have a lot of difficulty with the word “cause”, like law enforcement. You dear, my good person, it is abuses of power and benefits, that cause problems-the the pointing out of them/

    • Leo

      Kriegar, i agree that Bill needs to go take a refresher course in grammar, but also so should Really. Using the word tenure the wrong way.

    • Leo

      Kimberly you need to re-educated yourself cause even a “new” hire can be tenure and no a tenure teacher can NOT be fired. You call yourself an educator & you don’t even know the definition of tenure.

      Definitions 1 & 2 do not apply here at this time.

      3: guaranteed permanent employment, especially as a teacher or professor, after a probationary period.

      1: give (someone) a permanent post, especially as a teacher or professor.”I had recently been tenured and then promoted to full professor”

      • Audra Lenora McArthur

        A tenured teacher CAN be fired. Her principal must document the steps that have been taken to help her improve and what acts she has committed for which she should be fired. It requires a lot of work (and courage) on the part of the principal, It is unlikely that any new hire has tenure. A nontenured teacher can be dismissed without cause. My remarks are based on policies in Florida. I have been retired for a number of years. Some changes may have been made, and I am sure that policies and procedure vary from state to state, even district to district. My husband was Director of Human Resources for many years in our school district. Hiring and firing were within his area of responsibility. He knew the laws and procedures that had to be followed.

    • Leo

      1: lasting or intended to last or remain unchanged indefinitely.”a permanent ban on the dumping of radioactive waste at sea”

    • MJ

      Leo, you do t understand what it means. If you’ve received tenure in another district and are subsequently hired in a new district you must go through the tenure process again.

      Also, tenure means you can be fired but are afforded the right to due process.. Ie a hearing

      Doesn’t sound permanent because it isn’t

    • Stephen

      It always amazes me how liberals criticize Fox News, but continue to read and reply to Fox News stories. Explain your fascination Bill. I enjoy studying and understanding dysfunction.

  • Sandra Stanley

    Teachers and Unions are not at fault in this case. There is a HUGE problem with the administrators (non union) not doing their jobs and selecting people like this as their best candidates. Are they earning their salaries?

  • me

    Stephen what does this have anything to do with giving teachers raises, you need to go back to school just to get educated… Teachers deserve raises like everyone else and also like everyone else there are bad or crazy seeds in the world, it doesn’t make them all crazy…..

    • Leo

      What do raises, jelly rolled donuts, eat my shorts and other stupid shit like these have to do with this article about a new hired teacher being arrested for showing up to work on the first day drunk & with no pants? My god,! I am just amazed by dumb and/or immature some of you “adults” are when it comes to serious topics. You people are just like the “POTUS” except i am hoping no of you are traders to the US like him & his family are.

    • Stephen

      Well for starters, teachers are no more special than anyone else (although they believe that they are). No one else is getting raises.

      Now, to illustrate my point about teachers, let us take a look at your post. Obviously, you and your writing are products of some teacher (or teachers) who taught you. Your post says:

      “Stephen what does this have anything to do with giving teachers raises, you need to go back to school just to get educated… Teachers deserve raises like everyone else and also like everyone else there are bad or crazy seeds in the world, it doesn’t make them all crazy…..Stephen what does this have anything to do with giving teachers raises, you need to go back to school just to get educated… Teachers deserve raises like everyone else and also like everyone else there are bad or crazy seeds in the world, it doesn’t make them all crazy…..

      I find it hilarious that you suggest (in your run-on sentence) that I need to go back to school just to get educated. Furthermore, there are so many grammatical mistakes in your post, that I stopped counting at 12. Let me guess! You are a teacher!

  • David Pawson

    Talk about showing up to work drunk and disoriented. The article claims Wagoner, TX even though the mug shot clearly states it is from the Wagoner, OK, Police Department. Breath test for a reporter?

  • Joel

    And unions do not have the power to determine negotiation agreements, they are only heard. When it’s said and done the school board determines everything and the teachers must accept. We wanted a 3% raise after 5 yrs and got 1.5%. My salary actually went down with increased healthcare costs, etc. We wanted our old health insurance but got the new plan the school board wanted. We have no power, only the ability to show we are all together and agree as a whole that we are requesting certain benefits. And yes, a tenured teacher can be fired at anytime. Ask any administrator. If a teacher maintains their job after violations it’s the administrators fault for not firing them. A tenured teacher can also be replaced wven if they have done nothing wrong. Teachers volunteer pay freezes a d paycuts all the time to help a district that has financial problems. The great things teachers do are not reported. Anyone that has anything negative to say about unions isn’t in one and wishes they were and they don’t know their history of what America was without them. If all unions were disbanded in this country even those that are not in unions will see their pay and benefits evaporate. Think about it, businesses would not have to compete with companies that offer something better.

    • No Hope For Change

      Maybe in NC a right to work state. In union states the union absolutely have the power to determine negotiation agreements it is specifically what they are intended for. Go to a northeastern state the union is the hired mouth. No agreement the teachers picket like babies and the union will fight to keep a “tenured” teacher no matter how they perform. All unions do this. They pretend to fight for a “fair” wage but the reality is the wages/benefits they propose are bloated when you consider the average for the profession. Teaching is like policing you don’t get into for the money, right?

  • I wear pants

    It’s not fair to lump all teachers into a category with this woman. For example, I wear pants to work all the time.

    It’s wild to me that people have turned this into whether teachers deserve to be paid or are doing their jobs when it’s obvious that this is more of an alcohol abuse issue. I bet it might even be a mental health issue, which everyone seems to agree is in need of reform, but that’s as far as anyone will go with it. When it comes to teaching, though, EVERYONE know how to fix it, and it always involves putting the blame on the only people willing to do the job in the first place.

    • Louie

      I wonder if there is ambien involved. The scenario here is consistent with that. Let’s not pre-judge her.

    • Stephen

      I agree. It would be very unfair to “lump” all of the drunk teachers in with all of the child molesting teachers, who can’t keep their hands off of the children that they teach.

  • Johnboy

    For the person who said what about the 10 million teachers doing a great job. There are only 10000 teachers doing a good job. The rest are just doing a job. And I dont believe in tenure. I am glad that my state got rid of it. They had to pay all the teachers on it but at least they got rid of it. Drunkie McGee here is only a good representation of white trash not the school system. It even says a lot about security of our schools. No one saw het stumble in?

  • Sheree

    Neither Oklahoma not Texas have unions. Teachers aren’t paid near enough for the work, stress and miracles expected from them.

  • Jess

    All it takes to be a teacher in the US these days is a college degree – which currently are being handed out to any dimwit whose parents can pay their way while they get drunk and high for 2-4 years. I friend of mine had to quit school for a while to save up funds, he received passing marks for classes he never attended during the time he was working out of state. He also let me know that nearly EVERYONE cheats in order to pass- That explains Corporate America’s mentality for sure- they only hire College “educated” applicants…
    The rash of idiot teachers making the news in the US should be some indication that the requirement of a college degree for employment has become a joke which these days benefits some of the biggest, most self-entitled dullards of society by not requiring any qualifications that carry more leverage than simply possessing a diploma from an accredited university. This keeps them from having to compete with the folks who have been in the same industries or professions for much longer & with documented success. In other words, it reduces competition for idiots who otherwise wouldn’t be considered for a retail greeter’s position at Walmart were it not for the $60,000.00 piece of paper that states they attended university for x-amount of time…

  • Jan

    This is just one person who, obviously, has a problem. To me the word is sad. I hope she gets help. As a teacher of 30 years, I’ve earned my salary by long, long hours, both at school and at home. My colleagues did the same. My job was very fulfilling because of the growth I could see in the children. Please don’t give us all a bad wrap.

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