Puppy alerts family after bottles filled with gas are set on fire outside W-S home

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- A family is hailing their puppy as a hero after her barks alerted them to flames right outside their door early Wednesday morning in Winston-Salem.

The family told police they woke up to a fire on the porch outside their home on Harrison Avenue around 2:30 a.m. The mother said it appeared beer bottles had been filled with gas and set on fire.

The mother said she poured water on the bottles to put out the flames.

Her sons, ages 11 and 15, were also home at the time.

The family says if their new 6-month-old puppy had not started barking, they may have never woken up.

The police are investigating the fire as arson.


    • Thomas Noell

      My sentiments exactly. Whether it is the Budget Inn getting shot up, city buses shot up, or the homicide rate being 4 times the number as compared to last year (2 murders for Jan.-July 2013 compared to 9 at this point in 2014), that is a pretty accurate assessment. Oh well, a third, city-sponsored, gun-buy back event should take care of this crime problem just like the previous two did, LOL.

  • anom

    Maybe your puppy deserves to be inside now instead of outside! This is 2014, animals are part of the family!! Think about this is you happen to read this.

    • AuntEl

      How do you know that the puppy was not inside? The story doesn’t say the puppy was outside, it said it alerted them to the fire outside their home. My dogs stay inside, and they bark when something goes on outside because they can hear better than humans can.

  • Cliff

    I think it is implied that the puppy was in the house. The main point is this family may have died if not for the dog. This is a serious crime. The next family may not have a dog.

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