Masked women rob bakery, elderly employee says ‘I can give you doughnut’

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MANSFIELD, Ohio – An elderly woman offered two masked women doughnuts during a robbery at an Ohio bakery on Tuesday, according to WJW.

Dixie Guegold, 78, was working alone inside her son’s business  when two masked women walked into Buckeye Bakers and Schneider’s Too on Tuesday morning.

“She had a white rag or whatever you want to call it. It looked like a diaper on her face and the other girl was behind her. I said, ‘Oh, are you sick?’ She said, ‘No I’m here to rob you,’” Guegold told WJW.

Guegold did not think the suspects were serious until one of the women demanded $20.

“I said, ‘I’m sorry, but I don’t have $20.’ That’s my exact words! I said ‘The man who brings the money for me to run through the day hasn’t came yet. All I’m doing is packing up orders and getting things ready to go for the day,'” Guegold told WJW.

While Dixie didn’t have $20, she did have doughnuts.

“I said ‘I can give you doughnuts and something cold to drink but I can’t give you any money.'”

The suspects took the doughnuts and fled in a stolen vehicle. Police later identified the suspects and recovered the vehicle.

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