Local organization questions McCrory’s stance on unaccompanied children

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The Office of Refugee Resettlement reports 30,340 children who were not accompanied by a parent or guardian have been apprehended by immigration authorities in the United States this year and later placed with relatives or sponsors.

3.9 percent of those children so far were placed with relatives or sponsors in North Carolina. As of Tuesday, a total of 1,191 unaccompanied children were placed in North Carolina.

Gov. Pat McCrory raised concerns this week about unaccompanied children in the state. "This border issue has now come to North Carolina," he said. "Since the health status of these children is unknown, do they pose a risk to other children in North Carolina?"

Sarah Ivory is the director of the Greensboro Refugee and Immigration Program for Church World Service.

The non-profit helps refugees and immigrants with housing placement, case management, employment preparation and placement and citizenship and naturalization services.

They also provide legal services for victims of violent crimes, for example.

"The idea that we have to fear some huge onslaught of children flooding into our state is really just inaccurate," Ivory told FOX8. "I don't think raising that level of fear is helpful to anyone."

While she doesn't work specifically with unaccompanied children, Ivory does work with people coming through the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program. She knows the processes inside and out.

"All of those children have been screened. They received health screenings, they received vaccinations," she pointed out.

Information on the Office of Refugee Resettlement Program website said, "We do not release any children who have a contagious condition."

When possible, the child is transferred to the care and custody of a relative or sponsor in another state.

"Are they being put into situations where they could be used and further criminal activities or be abused in such areas as prostitution or drugs or trafficking?" McCrory questioned in a press conference about the issue.


  • wrath

    When you have 1,200 illegal/invader gang members as well as their families that are criminals that we as US. citizens cannot get deported because these people have flooded the courts !! Remember Carters boat lift with the Cubans ? Same situation !!

    • Linda Shepherd

      Does anyone remember the little boy from Cuba, whose mother died in an attempt to bring him Florida to her parents? He was returned to his father in Cuba. Is anyone aware of the boats, rafts, etc that come from Haiti trying to get away that country, all to be returned after the arduous trip on the ocean? Many people across the globe live with violence and poverty and yet are given free passes to come live here without going through our LEGAL SYSTEM. Do they not count? She said it would not be a drain on us, but unaccompanied minors have been housed, screened, transported and now live with “family” or sponsors. I saw how much they are paying sponsors per month as well as transporters. I know that in the hospital I work at we have 5 full time interpreters for these patients and 85% of them are “pending DSS” so they do not get a bill. She is wonderful in trying to do her job with her heart however she is not being realistic in the fact that this is a land of laws. Not just for those who presently live here but for those who want to come here as well. This is not how it was set up and we can’t just change the rules because they show up at the door. Americans are tolerant and compassionate but do not try to take advantage of this. And yes it will put a strain, not only on our state but on our country for many years to come.

  • sinner 3

    If I can get a link to post read it for yourself !__http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/orr/programs/ucs/state-by-state-uc-placed-sponsors

  • FaithC

    Send them and all their illegal relatives back to their own country. We, the working class, are sick and tired of supporting them and their families. The families do not pay any taxes yet these children go to our schools, their families get free housing, free healthcare, food stamps and free heating. Send anyone who is here illegally back.
    I don’t want to hear were all immigrants…these people are not immigrants. When my great grandparents came here they did it legally, got jobs, bought property, paid taxes, fought in our military and did not commit crimes or look for a government handout.

    • sinner 3

      You people are aware that with each gangster or child or drug addict a check from the American taxpayer is issued for each child in the amount of 10.000 dollars cash immediate for their support along with the numerous benefits that Faithc mentioned ! That’s right the taxpayers once again start of other peoples children better than your own !!

    • dobydog1

      When our ancestors came here they came through places like Ellis Island where they had to pass health tests and prove that they could take care of themselves. They did not get to come here illegally just because their ancestors created lawless, corrupt and violent countries.

    • Jo Brown

      Julio, unfortunately, even if she did take them home the taxpayers will still ultimately end up paying the bills. Immigration is one thing, but ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION should not be tolerated. This small piece of land we call AMERICA, like any vessel/container, is going to ultimately fill to the brim and sink or explode!! Well, at least there will be no need to worry about BALANCING BUDGETS then!

  • j r nance (@rnance1950)

    None of these Illegal Immigrant Children have any Access to Vaccinations in their home country like our children do in this country because our vaccination process is mandatory & should be, but for Ms. Ivory to say they were Health Screened & received Vaccinations it was AFTER they crossed the Border into this country & no amount of Vaccine can cure a disease AFTER a Child or Adult has already contracted it so these children will be going to our schools, in public places, etc, etc, so how does Ms. Ivory know what type of diseases they have plus I would say that 99% of them Cannot speak English so there’s another huge problem, I’m like a lot of other people in this country, send them back to where they came from we can’t handle the problems we have now…..

  • sinner 3

    Sarah Ivory is the director of the Greensboro Refugee and Immigration Program for Church World Service. Who is paying this broad the taxpayers ?

  • Jonah brown

    I’M GLAD OUR GOVERNOR I concerned about these illegals coming to our state . There is a right way and a wrong way to come this country I am glad he supports it.

  • Just Saying

    Medicaid, housing, food stamps, they get it all. Take away from American children in the school system so they can provide non English-speaking kids with the assistance they need. The mothers collect all they can while their husbands work and make more than we do. Not saying that they are not good people, it’s not about that. They are draining our resources and increasing disease and crime.

  • Jennifer

    Also; I’m Having a Very, Very Difficult Time BELIEVING that Governor McCrory Has EVEN YET had a” Chance’ to Speak!!!! He Would NEVER STAND For This “BULL”!!!!

  • Really

    Enough i sEnough, Stop the influx and send the illegals back, Make Mexico take address and take care of their social problems and over population issue. Make everyone go through the same hoops to become a US citizen. We are not far from a total economic collapse with the deficit in unchartered territory, and if we keep attempting to fund the world’s problems, this ship is going to sink .

  • dobydog1

    so where are all the illegal minors with lice, scabbies and TB being held? and if someone wants to move into your house because they are homeless or their house is not as good as yours is that also OK with you? after all federal borders and personal property lines are just lines. by the way what are they doing with the minor ‘refugees’ who are gang members?

  • jenn

    Just keep your comments to yourself , nobody cares how you guys feel or think , get over it … so annoyed .. reguardless we going to pay taxes for the rich , for the poor , the immigrants , in this country its a little bit for everybody .. everytime i read a comment nothing but stupidity .. if the government allowing these people into this country is for a reason

  • Patrice Collins

    Every country in this world is shaking their heads and laughing at our governments stupidity, gullibility, and lack of leadership. I shake my head in disgust. We have a voice but we are ignored. For how long before we are doomed?

  • Jeanie Nelson

    I see kids from this group all the time at Walmart with out supervision wandering around.
    But on a serious note the problem is in the payment who is paying for them. Oh could it be you taxpayers.

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