Greensboro officials work to prevent any possible problems with city’s water

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- An over abundance of algae in lakes surrounding Toledo, Ohio left the city without drinking water for days.

Now, Greensboro officials want to assure people in the Triad that they are taking measures to prevent a similar situation from arising here.

Greensboro's Water Supply Manager, Barry Parsons, says Greensboro has been on the forefront of algae prevention for decades.

"We're constantly testing our lakes and sampling our lakes, so we could actually detect it immediately if we had a problem," Parsons says.

He also says, because of the geography of the Triad's lakes, the area is less likely to have invasive amounts of algae.

"Since we are at the top of the Cape Fear River chain, we don't get all of the pollutants that are coming into lakes below us," Parsons says, such as fertilizer.