I-40 W. at Lewisville Clemmons Road back open after tractor-trailer crash

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CLEMMONS, N.C. – I-40 westbound from the city limits of Winston-Salem to the Lewisville Clemmons Road exit in Clemmons is back open after a trailer-tractor wreck.

The Winston Salem Police Department said all traffic headed westbound on I-40 and Business 40 had to be diverted onto U. S. 421 North.

Police also advised motorists to pay attention to detour signs and temporary traffic cone patterns when traveling in this area.

Traffic reopened around 1 p.m. Saturday.


  • Thomas Noell

    After all the incidents of trucks speeding, tail-gating, cut drivers off, flashing lights, and running others off the road (hit-and-run, in some cases) why am I not surprised? And this is why I NEVER stop to help a trucker who is in distress….even in the case of an emergency. It’s called karma, baby!

    • Kathy Thompson Ball

      My husband is a retired truck driver with over 2 million safe driving miles. Yes there are some “cowboy” drivers but for the most part they are the most courteous & helpful drivers on the road. The majority of wrecks involving big trucks are caused by cars who do not show the respect due to the big rigs. The “4-wheelers” cut them off or do not follow a reasonable distance. If you cannot see the driver in his side mirror then he cannot see you. It takes a longer distance to stop his 70,000 lb truck than for you to stop your 3,000 lb car. But, if you break down on the road, a trucker will stop to assist you before any other driver. How about showing a little respect for truckers. After all they are the ones that move the world. Everything in your life was hauled by a trucker or two.

      • Brenda

        Without somebody growing, manufacturing, or producing things, truckers would be hauling empty trailers. They’re not the most important cog in the wheel.

    • mike bones

      most of you 4 wheeler drivers cause the wrecks….dont like us truckers? then stay off our interstates and grow your own food, knit your own clothes

  • Okey Ingram

    How’d you get that fuel your burning ? Those clothes your wearing ? They didn’t just appear ! You must be one of those political know it alls !!

  • Willie Winder

    Thomas Ive fed women and children in snow storms when the roads were shut down. If u and I are ever in that situation together please introduce yourself. … Trucker Willie

  • Steven

    Truck drivers do make mistake just well as any other drivers. But for those who are under the impression that we’re careless and rude are clearly mislead. Back during the snow storm of 09 in December i was on I-95 the interstate was close nearly 8 hours. People were running out of gas sitting in traffic but it was truck drivers offering shelter too strangers and their families inside their trucks. Even though some companies don’t allow passengers drivers still chose to help their fellow man.

  • Nancy

    My husband was a truck driver it is not all truck drivers some of them are wonderful and others well you can fill that in yes thinks they own the road but others are courtesy and helpful while others are not I have rode with my hubby and I seen some car drivers and they are worser than some truck drives so do not put all truck drivers down

  • Mike

    The mathematical statistic “normal distribution” or “normal curve” can describe the nominal population ratio of undesirable / unpleasant / unruly people and stupid people vs. desirable / pleasant / law abiding bright folks within all walks of life; including professional truck drivers and people that write comments about them. Mostly intelligent people with a few jerks sprinkled in; as is all of humanity

  • Russel

    I drive a,truck to florida in winter months It is really strange how when a car cuts in front of you and only leaves 20 feet between you and them how upset they get when you continue to follow at 20 ft

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