Suspect in Maggie Daniels’ murder arrested in Winston-Salem

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Police have arrested a suspect in connection to a beloved North Carolina teacher who was found murdered at her apartment.

WSOC-TV reported that Sharman Howard Odom was arrested Saturday in Winston-Salem while he was visiting relatives.

Investigators obtained an arrest warrant for Odom who lived in the same apartment complex as Maggie Daniels did.

Sharman Howard Odom is a suspect in connection to the homicide of 31-year-old Maggie Daniels.

Sharman Howard Odom is a suspect in connection to the homicide of 31-year-old Maggie Daniels.

The 31-year-old teacher and counselor from Newton was found dead at her apartment in June.

Friends described Daniels as a fun-loving, energetic young woman who was an exceptional athlete and was loved by everybody she knew.

Daniels was originally from Lakewood, Ohio and graduated from Notre Dame College. She moved to Newton, North Carolina, and worked as a high school teacher and counselor.

Authorities have not said how she died, but did say there was no sign of forced entry or foul play in the days before her death.

Police have executed three search warrants in the case on Saturday, July 26 — searching an apartment near where she lived.

At least two different people at the complex said they saw her taking the trash out around lunchtime the day before.


  • informedAmerican

    Yes patterns are hard to ignore just like 9out of 10 kids are being sexual assaulted by Europeans or 9out of 10 serial killers just so happen to be Europeans….yep I definitely see some patterns here in America.

    • Ken

      Jesus H, most of you are idiots! Instead focusing on justice for the victim, you idiots blabber on about race and stupid stats that have not ONE thing to do with this article. You are just trying to justify your prejudices and many levels of bigotry while ignoring the obviousness of your idiocy. Got to love the division you idiots contribute to. It is what is very wrong with this country. Pathetic.

      • NCMale

        Well Ken if you’re white and you enjoy being blamed for anything and everything that is wrong with black america then you go right ahead and blame it on yourself. One more thing…if you’re gonna say that you’ve never had any bigoted or racist thoughts then I’m calling you a liar and a bigot for even saying that… You just keep on smiling and turning the other cheek until you or one of your family members become a part of one of these statistics….I can promise you that most of the bigotry and hatred felt by whites in today’s society are for far different reasons than they were 100 years ago….God some of you are totally blind to reality….and I mean how it REALLY is and NOT how it should be.

      • NCMale

        ….and all of this blabbering has a-LOT to do with this article. If this POS had been included in the “those incarcerated for violent crime” stats due to one of the several other rapes he’s suspected of then had been put away this this young lady would still be alive and none of us would have to look at this smug a$$ POS being carted to jail with his F…Y…grin all over his face.

  • NCMale

    Well sugar you never can tell when there’s a liberal reply to a post…so I covered it. My analogy?….it’s dead on…you just have to be smart enough to understand what I’m saying.

  • ss

    STOP IT!! This young woman’s life was taken by someone that the justice system failed to incarcerate earlier for their previous criminal behavior.This is the problem! In our society we have white people killing both white and black people and black people killing both white and black people! It is appalling to play any race card when it comes to criminal behavior! Our justice system has failed the people of this country too many times based on political and economical unfairness! This will continue unless this corrupt system is changed!

    • angel

      Thank you….I’m so glad that somebody has the guts to speak the truth. This world is full of mean people who given the right opportunity would hurt anyone to get what they want. Color has not gotten anything to do with it. I’m so tired of the race card. It’s a human card.

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