Former Greensboro police chief charged with DWI

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Timothy R. Bellamy being sworn in as director of public safety at North Carolina Central University in 2012. (Image:

GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — Former Greensboro Police Chief Tim Bellamy has been charged with driving while impaired.

Bellamy was traveling in a vehicle near Interstate 40 when he was stopped by a North Carolina Highway Patrol trooper at about 12:40 a.m. Saturday.

The trooper smelled a strong odor of alcohol on Bellamy’s breath and noticed he had red, glassy eyes, according to records.

The records did not say exactly where Bellamy was stopped and a message for the trooper was not immediately returned Saturday.

The trooper also said Bellamy did poorly on a field sobriety test, according to records. Bellamy blew a .09 on a Breathalyzer test, just slightly above the .08 legal limit.

Bellamy is currently the police chief at North Carolina Central University in Durham and commutes to his Guilford County home. He was sworn in at the university in 2012.

Bellamy retired as Greensboro police chief in 2010 after serving on the force for 27 years. He was chief for three of those years.

Bellamy, 54, was released with a written promise to appear in court on Sept. 4, according to records.

The Greensboro News & Record contributed to this report.


    • huh ?

      Likely the machine was giving a false reading or his mouth wash has a high alcohol content or testing not done correctly !!

      • gsores

        Do you know how many people get off because their lawyers go after that kinda stuff? If a police officer does it, it crooked, if it John Q Public, it’s a win. I forgot, police aren’t humans and do not deserve equality.

  • Thomas Noell

    Ah, come on, folks. We all know there are different sets of laws for law enforcement than there are for the regular people. Nothing to see here, just move along, sheeple, and keep supporting your local police, LOL.

    • gsores

      Let me guess…you’ve been arrested . Usually the reason people hate police. Now you will respond and say you aren’t, but criminals are also liars. He was charged, so there is something to see. You’re reading it, because he was charged.

  • Mark Stabler

    There must be a special rule regarding Chief’s of Police. Many of them retire with a fantastic retirement and shortly thereafter they go to work as a Chief of another agency, usually a State one. Now they are drawing their super retirement and another big salary. In this case driving back and forth from Durham to Greensboro. Didn’t say if he is provided a State vehicle that he uses to commute. Same deal at Winston Salem State University.

  • gsores

    Are all of you dumb? Seriously…I have to ask. Law enforcement “Look the other way” and ” different set of laws”. He was ARRESTED. He was given the same rights as every other citizen. Holy cow we don’t stand a chance as country.

  • Jennifer

    “HOW Could ANYONE in OUR State(North Carolina) ALLOW Anything Even REMOTELY Related to This Obviously ‘Screwed-up’ FALSE CLAIM Even Make the (Our) Local News???

  • llw

    Negativity sells comments. Nice things never get noticed. He is human just like every other citizen and he will have to follow the same DWI laws. He was arrested, and arrest records don’t just go away, no matter who you are. It takes a good lawyer to get him driving privileges and prolong the trial. Results will be based on priors and consequences. Punishment varies depending on the circumstances. First offender or history of offenses will make the difference.

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