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Spike in Guilford Co. car break-ins

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- It's the type of crime where cops say anyone could be next.

Over the past month alone, there have been 47 reports of car break-ins in the eastern part of Guilford County.

Detective Sergeant Jay Eaton says "there's no common denominator" for the types of cars broken into or the items stolen.

In total, he says more than $16,000 worth of objects have been taken, including laptops, handguns, wallets and televisions.

In the majority of the break-ins, cops say the cars were already unlocked. But in several of them, the thief or thieves physically broke the window to gain entry.

To prevent your vehicle from being broken into, police recommend locking your doors, hiding valuables and calling 911 about any suspicious activity.

They say one 911 call a couple weeks ago led to the arrest of three teenagers related to these incidents, but they suspect at least two other groups of people are also responsible for the break-ins.


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