28-year-old mother killed, multiple children injured in head-on crash in Davidson Co.

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. — One woman is dead and an adult and five children are injured after a head-on crash in Davidson County Friday morning.

The wreck happened just before 8 a.m. near 3179 Cunningham Road near Thomasville.

Troopers say the Ford Explorer was traveling north on Cunningham Road when it crossed the center line and hit another vehicle head on. The rainy weather and the Ford Explorer’s balding tires likely contributed to the accident.

Misty Price, 28, who was reportedly not wearing a seat belt was driving the Ford Explorer and died from her injuries, troopers say. Her four kids, ages 3 months to 11 years old were in the car with her. They were taken to Brenner's Hospital and are expected to be OK.

The other vehicle was being driven by 29-year-old Jennifer Lewis. She is being treated at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital. Her juvenile child, who was also in the car, was treated and released.

The roads were slick and at least one of the vehicles had balding tires, according to troopers. An official cause of the crash has not been released.

The intersection of Mt. Zion Church Road and Cunningham Road had been blocked, but has since reopened.


  • a man

    i live a mile away from the site and I must say this is a very dangerous intersection. my condolences for the life lost and prayers for the survivors.


    I agree Chucky. However, the news media thrives on sensationalism so this comes first. That is how they make their money. Family victims pay the price.

  • emschick

    I work in Ems and unfortunately the news media has no morals they’ve published pics of car wrecks b4 we can even get the dead victim out of the car and have had several conflicts with them also wxii.

    • Robert

      Very right EMSChick, they don’t truly care. To the comment about EMS Crew in charge of keeping them away. That’s not their job. Their job is the patient not bystanders and media.

  • anom

    so sad for the family. it’s a vehicle no bodies were in it…blame the police and er crew then for letting them get up close.

  • Dick Tracy

    Hope they check her phone records to see if she was using her phone at the time. Won’t change anything but rarely does the public learn about how many car crashes and deaths are caused my phone use.

      • NE

        Does it really matter now? it is very dangerous road. I happened to wreck same exact place two weeks ago! and no I wasn t on my phone and am i seasoned driver. Why do people always have to make negative assumptions. Some things just happen! Because they are in the His plan!

  • Amber

    That was my Aunt Misty. She will be missed very much. I love you. ❤️ We will always be here for the girls & colton whenever needed.

  • MilkAndWookiees

    Yeah, right. “Balding tires”, my flat, hairy, stereotypical-white-boy rear-end. How much do you suppose the NCDOT is “compensating” investigators to say it was an issue of balding tires- not bald, but baldING. MY tires could be said to be baldING simply because they’re in use- and leave the NCDOT’s own gross negligence (replacing reflectors so drivers might actually be able to discern the boundaries of their own lane during less-than-perfect weather) completely out of any reports? If I were a family member of any of the victims of this incident, I’d be looking into the possibility of an private/independant investigation.

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