A closer look at teacher pay raises in new budget

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The current debate regarding the teacher pay raise within the state budget raises concern among teachers and administrators.

Forsyth County Association of Educators President Ann Petitjean said the seven percent pay raise in the state budget comes at a loss of longevity pay guaranteed to state employees.

The $282 million increase amounts to about $3,300 a year.

Republican Senator Harry Brown said the budget with the pay raise does a lot for the state.

“It moves the state in education to where it’s competitive, as far as teacher pay, and addresses many of the needs that are important to this state,” he said.

Petitjean said the Association of Educators continues to demand change from legislators to get the pay they deserve, comparable to surrounding states.

“The state should support public education and fund it, so if that means if we have to make some changes in Raleigh we need to do that," Petitjean said.

Archdale Elementary School teacher and member of the Randolph County Association of Educators Christopher Tuft said he once considered moving to his home state to teach for better pay.

"It's really frustrating to watch the profession that I love, the profession that I know is so important not just for me but for my kids and kids across the country, be disrespected," Tuft said.


  • Gordon Ingram

    Fox8, I am a teacher. Please stop reporting on air and on your website that teachers are getting a 7% raise with the proposed budget from the General Assembly. It is an AVERAGE of 7%. To put it in perspective, teachers approaching the 30 year mark will be lucky to get .2%. (That is point 2 WITH A DECIMAL) As an added slap in the face, the legislature “found” this money for our raise by taking away our longevity pay. For some of us, what we’ll get will be less than what we lost. Thanks!

  • FaithC

    This article says that teachers will be getting on average $3,300 a year more. That is still not even close to most other states. I know several teachers and a family member is a teacher. The $3,300 they may get does not bring their salary up to what a starting salary is in other states.
    No wonder we are not drawing any of the good teachers to NC and we are losing the good ones to other states
    Who suffers in all of this…our children. Private school and home school is the only way to go.

    • what ?

      They have whined enough about pay, either shut it and go to work or quit and bump it on out of town !

  • JB

    You mean to tell me that there is a program starting in Guilford County which will provide supplements for parents of children in GCS’ who want to go to private schools yet, as per usual, you there is a debate on increasing the pay more than 2% for the people teaching NC children. This is just another example of the screwed up priorities in this country since we started taking God out of everything.

  • lookie

    Man if all the state workers had a UNION like the teachers do,maybe they could do less and earn more !!

    • engineer

      The state workers do have a union it’s called the public. If u think we do less, let me take you out to one of my projects for a normal 12 hrs in the heat next to 325 degree asphalt, distracted drivers, 90 degree temps on the road and bitching and whining public like u. U up for it?

  • Bo Diddley

    They only work 9 months a year, we get terrible results, they blame the parents and whine every year about their pay as if somebody forced them to become teachers…

    • JWS

      A lot parents are worse then the kids and if you don’t think so just go out and eat at any restaurant where you have to put up with the unruly and loud children raising stink while their parents just sit there in silence. God forbid you say anything to the parents. A lot of kids today are not disciplined and are not taught to have respect for their elders. Don’t expect teachers to raise your kids and try and teach them simple manners and respect for others, that’s your job.

  • Tired of the Raleigh BS!

    Engineer, are you one of those workers who work 12 hours a day next to the asphalt that I see daily sitting on the guardrail or leaning on a shovel? Talk about a 12 hour day and work only 3 or 4. Yes, I’m up for that! Oh yeah, you’re probably the one sitting on his arse on a asphalt roller drinking a soda under an umbrella waiting for someone to get off their duff and dump some asphalt to roll.

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