Walmart apologizes to NC mom asked to breastfeed in toilet stall

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JACKSONVILLE, N.C. — A Walmart spokesperson confirmed an employee in one of its eastern North Carolina stores asked a breastfeeding mother to move to a toilet stall to feed her newborn, WNCT reports.

This comes after more than a dozen breastfeeding moms nursed in a Jacksonville Walmart on Sunday to bring attention to the incident.

Kelly Messing claims she was breastfeeding her two-week old with a cover inside the store’s bathroom. An employee reportedly came in and asked her to move into a stall and said she was making other customers uncomfortable.

The company said the employee’s actions were illegal and against company policy.

“This store did not follow our policy in this situation and we absolutely apologize to our customer for her experience,” said Walmart spokeswoman Kayla Whaling.

The incident outraged many breastfeeding moms when it became public.

Walmart says all employees go through training that includes going over company policy, and employees should be aware on the company’s stance on breastfeeding in public.


    • really?

      Yeah because that’s the only time baby’s are hungry right? God forbid women use their breast for their natural purpose.

    • Dumb.

      Yeah, only adults can eat away from home, right? I bet when you go out, you grab a big mac & fries, etc and feed your face. Heaven forbid a baby should eat too, right?

  • bella07

    Mothers should have the. right to feed their babies anywhere,anytime in any public place. They should be modest about it and use a cover of some kind. Older babies that can use a cup need to do so in public places.Nursing for anything other than necessary feedings should probably be done in private.

  • Glockmeister

    This “woman” looks like a stuck pig with green hair. Nice facial piercings. I s there any decency left in this country?

  • Heather

    That is what women’s breast are for is to to feed their children. If someone has a problem with that then I say that it’s their problem!

  • Sandy Craver

    As long as the woman uses a little discretion I see nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public. However no one wants to see that thing hanging out and there was absolutely nothing wrong with her going in the ladies room to nurse. Other women should not be offended unless they are an uptight prig who wouldn’t do anything that shows a little skin. I believe someone was looking a little too much. Women should use a cover of some sort I agree but it is a natural thing to do.

  • HereYouGo

    Oddly enough, women don’t feed their babies just to give prurient pleasure to nasty sinner men. It doesn’t matter what she looks like; she is the source of nourishment for her child, and she should be allowed to feed her child, whether you think she looks good or not. And Salma Hayak would probably not waste a glance at you.

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