NC man accused of shooting dog that was in his parking spot

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Devon Smith

GREENVILLE, N.C. — Police have arrested a man they say shot a dog that approached him while he was trying to park his car, WCTI reports.

Around 2:30 p.m. Sunday, 27-year-old Devon Smith allegedly shot a female boxer that approached him when he was trying to park his car. When the dog didn’t move, he reportedly pulled out a 9mm pistol and shot it in the head and chest.

Police tell WCTI the suspect made no attempt to call 911 and the dog was not showing any signs of aggression prior to Smith shooting it.

Witnesses say the dog had been playing with neighborhood children for most of the afternoon.

Officers and neighbors tried to help the dog, but it had to be euthanized due to its injuries.

Smith was charged with felony animal cruelty and discharging a firearm within city limits. He was placed in theĀ Pitt County Detention Center under a $26,000 bond.


  • j r nance (@rnance1950)

    If this POS would just pull out a gun & shoot a Dog for Nothing, he wouldn’t hesitate to Kill You or Me if we got in his way & if the truth was known he probably has shot or killed Humans before…

      • j r nance (@rnance1950)

        @ncturd: Great name for you….so, it don’t bother you that he pulled out a gun in Public, shot a dog that was just sitting or standing there where this POS wanted to park & you have no problem with that??? By the way in my comment I didn’t say anything about killing the POS but now that you mention it I think it would be a good idea just shoot him twice with a 9mm pistol & walk away….

    • ncturd

      I forget that you are at every place at all times to witness every event. Can you also tell me what the dog was thinking? I’ve read your other comments. Let’s not pretend you don’t say it a lot

    • Baxter

      That is exactly why the laws need to be tougher and sentences longer for animal cruelty.There is undisputable proof of the connection between those who abuse/mistreat animals and serious crimes against people.

  • LindaSue

    Save some one’s child – put a bullet in this piece of human garbage. Only a matter of time before he shoots and kills a person.

  • 2Dogs2Cats

    Just because the dog plays with the neighborhood kids does not mean it will not be aggressive towards another individual. Also if he is a legal gun owner, why does he have to call 911 before he protects himself?

    If he was wrong he will get his day in court, but lets not all assume it was Lassie and some thug.

    • Baxter

      story says he was trying to park car and dog would not move, so he shot it , NOTHING in that description of events would suggest he was protecting anything other than his parking spot. Legal gun owner’s have to abide by the law just like the rest of us , you just can’t shoot anything you are afraid of when you can clearly just drive away, no excuse to fire a gun in a neighborhood just because you have one. This is more likely a case of I got a gun and need an excuse to shoot something to show what a tough guy I am .

  • ONE LEss Democratic voter now

    Lets give this guy the benefit of the doubt. He probably had a hard day of not working and is having a hard time making ends meet until the next welfare check comes on Friday.

  • Lillian

    take him out back and shoot him – if you will shoot a dog for nothing, – next will be someone’s kid because it was crying.

  • Stephen

    Wow! This idiot should’ve shot, raped, or murdered a human. He would’ve got much less punishment!

  • Chucky

    Why wasn’t the dog on a leash? I see that most comments on here are calling him all kinds of things and calling for his punishment to be severe but what if that dog has a history of being aggressive. The dog probably should have been on a leash as most cities have leash laws. Boxers are known to be territorial.

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