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Gold’s Gym to purchase all 23 locations of Rush Fitness

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Members of The Rush gyms throughout the Piedmont will soon see a new name hanging above the door.

The company announced Monday that all 23 of its locations have been bought by Gold's Gym.

A spokesperson for Gold's Gym says it will take over ownership of The Rush locations, which are in Tennessee and the Carolinas, in mid-August. It says current members of The Rush will have no interruption of service, and will be allowed to continue on their same contracts at the same rates.

Still, some members of The Rush say they aren't too happy about this change of ownership.

"We used to belong to Gold's, we left Gold's for Rush," says Cheri Tow, a member of The Rush. "Because they weren't taking care of the gyms."

Gold's Gym says it plans to keep most, if not all, of the staff from The Rush.


  • Anonymous

    Hopefully they will drop their overly sensitive policies. I am all for a gym for people to just get fit. But don’t claim to be a gym for everyone then exclude those who wish to experience more gains than that of just being fit. I have witnessed people kicked out for just a simple grunt, nothing over the top, but thanks to their policy they were asked to leave.

  • BB

    That’s weird because the golds gyms we had in the area got bought out by the sportscenter. So, what’s up with that? Yes, I agree. Gyms like The Rush are too strict. I am one of those people who grunts. Not loud, but got threaten to be kicked out because of that. Don’t punish the fit, punish the unfit, obese, fat people.

    • NCMale

      You sure you aren’t thinking of Planet Fitness? People grunt in the Rush that I attend all of the time.

      • BB

        The one on Randleman Road was the one I was apart of until I took my butt over to golds gym on battleground. That is now Sportscenter…I think. I don’t know I live in Charlotte now. Don’t have to worry about a shortage of gyms.

      • Tracey

        They must be talking about another gym because people not only grunt but the rush on randleman is just a meat factory. The flesh comes out at night and people are always trying to come on to each other. I had my membership since the first on opened on wendover, but I rarely go because of the nasty environment.

  • NCMale

    Yeah….now you open ended contract you have with Rush on a month to month basic will be void….Gold will jack the prices up guaranteed. I can only hope Golds maintains Rush’s standards as the few Golds Gym’s I’ve been in were HORRIBLE and filthy.

    • star shuping

      I agree, & if it’s like other Golds Gym, when something is broken, it will stay broken for months. What ashame

  • NCMale

    “This acquisition will make The Rush part of the largest full service fitness chain in the world, with over 700 clubs in 38 states and 28 countries.”

    Not sure how to take this sentence……maybe The Rush will just be a part of the Golds umbrella and nothing will change….kind of like when Kroger purchased Harris Teeter. I would think the sentence should say “This will make Golds Gym the largest full service gym in the world”

    Who knows……

    • BB

      Don’t get me wrong, The Rush is really nice on the inside and they have more than your average gym.

    • NCMale

      Well the answer to my above statement is this….The Rush will be re-branded under The Golds Gym name, but all Rush memberships will be honored and automatically convert to Gold Gym memberships….

    • Greg @ The Rush

      They will turn into Gold’s Gyms by the end of the year. But everyone should take a moment to relax and realize that it isn’t anything close to the Gold’s that many are accustomed to in the past that were in the triad. Those were all franchise locations. Health clubs are expensive, so you never know what you’re going to get with them. The Rush was bought by Gold’s Gym International, their corporate side. This will be a great benefit to the members and the community!

  • Discouraging

    This is horrible. As a member of the rush for 7 years, this will end it for me. I hate golds gym, they are greedy with money and contracts. The entire atmosphere will change now. There is a reason golds never lasts in the triad area. Great for competitors because I know a ton of people who will be looking for a new gym now.

    • Samson

      I go to Strive Fitness on Battleground. Only $15/month if you ask for a special price. Then it’s 25 after a year. Professional atmosphere and every single equipment you can think of.

    • Greg @ The Rush

      I understand your concern. As the District Manager with the Rush, and having helped start these clubs and been here practically since day 1 in the Triad, it’s sad that the RUSH name will no longer be on the doors.
      And you are right, there is a reason that Gold’s didn’t survive in the Triad, but that is because they were franchises without the capital to compete with us and we drowned them out. And because they are ran individually, thus no real systems, organization and they didn’t put a focus on customer service.
      I can assure you that Gold’s Gym International, their corporate side, is 100% focused on customer service and their members experience. The things you love about the Rush will continue. I would urge you to ‘stay the course’, atleast for a bit and see if it works for you. I think you’ll find that aside from some visual and structural changes, not much will change. And the same great people will also still be working within the clubs!

  • Mike

    I can understand the owner of the Rush wanting to make a lot of money from the sale, but this seems to be helping a big corporation become more of an oligopoly. I think we are much better off with many competing gyms, but corporations seem to hate competition. Too bad. I recently joined the Rush with a discount and, reluctantly signed up with a personnel trainer. It turned out to be a good choice, as I get good workouts and, get to learn all kinds of exercise techniques and, the correct way to use the machines, dumbbells and, trx bands. I hope everything continues as they have been.

  • Jbyomomma

    East town rush is a great facility but 90% of the staff are unfriendly and not very knowledgeable. Walkers spring is better staff but terrible facility. Perhaps Golds will bring some consistency and better trained staff. I mean the people at check in can’t spell protein.

  • 6%

    Again…..if your wanting steroids and meat heads, stay with Rush, now Golds….if your are wanting a professional enviornment with every single thing you can think of for a ‘real’ fitness regime and training, sign up at sportscenter o samet drive….They are great there and the best gym I have ever been to…yeah, they a little more expensive, but you wont ever have to wait to use equipment and everything is clean and never broken..not to mention you dont have to deal with meat heads who are roided out and the girls there are a class act and not walking around in tube tops like the 80’s trying to get attention from the roid ragers….so the meat heads and tramps can stay at rush, but the ‘real’ fitness people should come to sportscenter!

      • 6%

        Dont be mad sinner 3, also known as looky…….your 6% is your brain. I am sure you have not seen a gym in your life.

  • nikki

    This is the corporation that has bought The Rush. The previous Golds was a franchise. This is great! Corporate Golds are the best. They offer better classes with certified trainers, and management is treated and paid so much better. Corporate Golds are much nicer.

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