NC beach village residents watch as their beach ‘disappears’

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DARE COUNTY, N.C. — The Village of Buxton on Hatteras Island near Cape Hatteras is being threatened by natural erosion, according to WNCT-TV.

Natural erosion is threatening homes, businesses and roads in the beach village and some residents say they are watching their beach disappear right before their eyes.

“They built the beach out to 600 feet and it’s all gone,” said Carol Leigh Dillon.

Erosion is the wearing away of land and the removal of beach or dune sediments by waves, tidal currents, drainage or high winds.

The erosion on Hatteras Island is due to natural causes and artificial dunes, according to the National Park Service.

When the artificial dunes were built in the 1930s, it stopped the barrier islands natural westward progression, according to Park Service officials.

The island reportedly started to erode from both sides and it is causing the island to narrow.

“We’re sitting on a disaster waiting to happen and nothing has been done to prevent it,” Dillon said.

She said in the 1950s, there was hundreds of feet of beach, but now the beach backs up to her family’s hotel.

Read more and view photos of the “disappearing beach”: WNCT-TV


  • laffin'atcha

    you stke your lot in life on a beach that constantly moves, and eventually the beach will move away. This has been happening for eons. Wishing it cannot happen just shows your ignorance…

  • Anita LaPlant

    Uh…I remember in the 1970s and 1980s when construction started to boom on the outer banks and we expressed our concern over the natural erosion of the islands. We worried that we, the citizens of NC, would have to pay for losses of property or continually rebuild the beaches to prevent loss, and we were assured that the homeowners and investors understood the risk and were taking responsibility for the beach replenishment. Well…What are you doing homeowners and investors?

  • KBug

    This is nothing new, why do you think they moved the lighthouse years ago?
    You can’t replenish a beach and expect it to last forever, it’s a constant battle. Kitty Hawk is being washed away, too. Most of their ocean front homes are long gone.

    • Rick

      Gracious. Thank you. This has always happened and will always happen. There should be a story about the select few parts of the coast that are actually gaining area to correspond with this one.

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