‘Ghost’ attacks news photojournalist in ‘haunted’ Pennsylvania home

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HANOVER, Penn. — A homeowner says she’s living in the middle of a violent haunting with ghosts, demons and a “shadow man” in her home.

WPMT went inside the home in western Pennsylvania. Just a few minutes into the interview, a news photojournalist was “attacked by a ghost.” He said he was scratched by what felt like a “piece of hot metal.”

“It was really strange, I’ve never felt anything like it before,” he said.

Homeowner DeAnna Simpson says she has photos of people with scratches inside her home. She has invited mediums, researchers and priests to visit the home. The results of one investigation will appear on an upcoming episode of the Travel Channel show “The Dead Files.”

Simpson says her family has lived in the home for seven years. She says their house is severely haunted, with multiple ghosts and other entities. She also claims to have audio recordings of voices, children laughing, and dogs barking that were not in the house.

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  • sinner 3

    Maybe they are in a channel zone yo the other side ? But maybe just at the end of the drainage system with outlets to the street or parks in the area !!

  • Alexis Klatt

    Not funny! We didn’t believe in this stuff either until it happened to us. Satan & his demons are alive & well. We are now firm believers in wicked spirit forces as per the Bible.

  • kcr s.

    @ KOJO, What is a “Date Ho?” I’m trying to figure out What you mean….did you mean to say that you “Dont Date Ho’s?”

  • God's child

    Get a Holy Spirit filled worship team to pray and worship the demons away. They can not stay in the presence of God.

  • Rationalism

    You people are grown human’s and believe in ghosts? I assume you believe the same for the Easter bunny, God, tooth fairly and Santa….Also watch out for those black cats….. Grow out of you’re fairy tales people.

    • spiritofvincennes@gmail.com

      Dude; you are an idiot. Just because you havn’t seen things doesn’t mean they are not there. My own eyes don’t lie.

    • Joust

      Ah, yes, did you pick “Rationalism” as your name because you think it validates anything you say?? God’s a fairy tale? No, what’s a fairy tale is believing that once there was nothing, then out of that nothing there was a huge explosion (of nothing) and then the world was born.

      Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  • Reason

    “My own eyes don’t lie”. By what method of reasoning have you deduced that you are utterly incapable of experiencing a distorted sense of reality? No one makes it through life without at least a few solid examples of when their minds played tricks on them. There is nothing mystical about visual and auditory hallucinations or even collective experiences of a seemingly paranormal event. The only thing worth questioning is the idea that in this day and age, ghosts and aliens seem to be the only thing nature completely eludes to in the process of factual determination.

    We have extensive video and audio records of the rarest most unbelievable events that the world would never of believed had it not been witnessed and documented. Yet as if by some ingenious slight of hand, these ghosts that are so “commonly” understood continue to elude empirical evidence. Now that is a hell of an ego. Next time you see a ghost, walk right through it. You are the man on the stairs who was never there. You are the figure at the end of the hallway. You are the one waking up in the middle of the night with your REM switch half on and half off, becoming your own false witness. Our dreams and imaginations can spill into our conscious lives. You can and probably will, someday, witness something that prays on the very tools you would use to decipher it’s own credibility. When it comes to “reality”, your not always qualified as an individual to make the claim.

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