High Point man accused of beating, robbing 90-year-old woman in her home

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Police have arrested a High Point man accused of assaulting and robbing a 90-year-old woman inside her home in Thomasville.

Marcus Dashawn Rorie, 31, has been charged with armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury, kidnapping and breaking and entering.

Thomasville police said the crime happened around 7 p.m. Saturday, July 12 at a home on Unity Street.

The elderly victim went outside to water her garden and returned to find the suspect hiding behind her chair in her home, according to police.

The suspect allegedly knocked the victim down with her chair and beat her with it. He then allegedly stole money from her pocket book and put her in a room.

“I prayed right then and there and I guess that’s the reason I’m here today, I don’t know,” the victim told FOX8 in a previous report.

The victim said she waited until the suspect left and then called 911. Authorities said she needed stitches in her leg and had bruises on her face.

"It's just amazing what this world is coming to," said neighbor Jim Weathers. "It's sad that people have so little care for human life that doing that to somebody now a days means nothing."

The suspect is currently in the Davidson County jail on unrelated charges. He has been previously convicted of various other charges, according to public records.


  • Patricia G.

    They need to bring back public hangings in cases like this, and child rapes, and murders. It’s not going to stop until they see their life will be taken and I don’t mean prison or setting 10 + years on death row. If they know they are going to die a lot of this will stop. Right now the criminals KNOW they have more rights than the victims, and the Legal System is a JOKE!

    • David Wardell

      Yeah right public hangings thats the ticket.The last public hanging was in 1936..Lets have some comments that actually make sense and will work.The death penalty is not even a deterrent.Nothing is going to stop the idiot criminals.We cant even get lethal injections right.

      • j r nance (@rnance1950)

        Yeah, Public Hangings is the correct way to go, after he/she is found guilty of murder & sentenced to Death don’t take them to prison or anywhere else just take them to the Gallows, hang them & be done with it, can’t be too hard to place a Noose around somebody’s neck & just Hang them, no chemicals to screw up, no electricity to waste just hang them & it takes just a few minutes then cut them down take them to wherever & be done with it plus its really cheap, what more could you ask for & Public Hanging would definitely be a deterrent…..

      • Asheboro Man

        The lethal injection used for execution the other day was almost perfect. The things that went wrong were that it only lasted 2 hours and the guy was basically in a coma so he did not feel anything. He should have been made to suffer as his victims did.

  • bennie

    I agree if he is found guilty hang him on main street for all the other animals to see and stuff like this will stop!!

  • Joshua

    While all those punishments sound DELIGHFUL, we need to figure out something that will actually work. Community watches and people checking on neighbors work. Be cool if all houses had panic buttons that alerted the neighbors. You mess with one, you mess with all.

    • This day and time

      I agree Joshua but now NO one wants to get involved. I work 3 days on and 2 off and I heard my doorbell ring so when I opened it a man was standing on my porch . he asked me for a cup of water and bread. I told him to wait i was going to go get it and I went and got my gun and a cup of water and when I got back he was gone. I went to all my neighbors asking if they had seen which direction he went in since we live on a dead end street and no one said they saw anyone and some wouldnt even come to the door to talk to me. Its hard when everyone is scared to even open there doors now.

  • FaithC

    How about we bring back chain gangs. Make scum like this work and work hard for 10 years. No getting out early, no cable TV, no gym, no health care, just up in the morning a meager meal and work till dark. Maybe if they new this is what was waiting for them they would think twice before committing a crime.

  • justask

    If there are public hangings then everyone will just raise hell because the rope is used more than once “unsanitary” lol

  • Tractor Johnson

    I believe bringing in some form of public execution would work very well. Let these “goons” and “thugs” see their boys executed and I believe that will set them right. Most of these cowards are afraid to die and therefore go after the easiest targets.

  • lulu5674

    Community watch sounds great! Checking on your neighbors just as good…but considering the insane amount of crime just here in Thomasville lately, who’s brave enough to go to the door?
    I agree tougher punishment is definitely a deterrent. But we’ve got to get rid of some of these spineless elected officials out and get someone in higher authority to stop these thugs!

  • Mr. B

    Yes!! Hang’em all…How many times in history have we done that and later found out that they were not guilty. What if it was your dad, mom, brother, sister or you! An innocent person put to death. If there were a punishment of equal kind as handed out by judge or jury, would you be so quick to convict. I think the saying goes something like this, It’s better that a 100 guilty go free than one innocent person die…. Just sayin.

    • l337g33k

      This isn’t the 1960s anymore. The technology, including conclusive DNA results, along with much higher standards of proof required in criminal proceedings negate this argument.

      • Mr. B

        To say that all dna is conclusive leans to a lack of being intelligently informed. And the higher standard of proof you profess exist is only evident in cases where one has access to a higher standard of council. But you are right about one thing, this isn’t the 1960s

  • WeBuiltThisCountry

    This ni$$a hasn’t even been even found guilty yet and these kra*ker$ ready to hangem.Equality my a$$!

    • l337g33k

      Because the 90 year old is lying and beat herself with a chair? You f’n dumb@$$. He deserves any and every punishment he can get. Look at his record, a thief with a history of assault on female. Go join him if you wish, I’d personally you rather.

      • WeBuiltThisCountry

        Who you think you talking to?Let’s meet some where pu$$!.I’ll f you up.Any place. It doesn’t matter!

      • l337g33k

        WBUILTTHISCOUNTY – Who am I talking to? I think I’m talking to a b1tch@$$ thug wannabe hiding behind a keyboard. I’ll be glad when school starts back so kiddies like you will have something else to do.

      • WeBuiltThisCountry

        Listen pu$$i, I’m a grown a$$ man (35).All this talking isn’t necessary. Let me know where you trying to meet or shut the F up!

      • l337g33k

        WEBUILTTHISCOUNTRY – RIght, just keep acting like another loudmouth b1tch thug. Sound like such a kid, “tell me where to meet.” That would definitely be your last mistake. So take some advice kiddo, keep trollin’ as an ignorant b1tch@$$ ni$$a n stf u because you really can’t man the f up.

      • WeBuiltThisCountry

        I’m on High Point Road right no fa$$ot.Or I can come to you?I don’t give a $uck Kracker.

  • deb

    it’s not about black or white — what if this had happened to your mom or grandmother- how would you feel….. let the muther stay in jail with NO BOND……. or a bullet don’t cost as much — we would not have to pay for his
    upkeep in the jails… like it has already been shown he his a thief & a trouble maker…………


    Are you people serious? Hanging, public hanging at that. There’s a reason it’s been outlawed since 1936, as enjoyable as you people may think it is right now it’s actually a pretty rough way to go. You can screw up a hanging, leaving the victim to hang there and choke to death which takes about 4 minutes I believe. Everyone thinks he should be hung and that that’ll show the world what not to do. But we’ve done it before and guess what, crime is still happening. He hasn’t even been charged yet and you guys are already wrapping the rope around his neck. That’s another reason why people are sent to prison for long periods of time, half of the time the judgement that is passed on someone is wrong and they were forced to take punishment for something they didn’t even do. So glad to see the American people who take pride is equality and fair judgement are completely okay with killing a maybe innocent man just because he has a past record. Good job, America. Really, bravo. Also, the two who are arguing about race and meeting up to fight, could you not.

    • Axe Kick!

      White folks are savages they love their hangings, and picnics study their history. You can not name one place the white man has gone and not killed the original inhabitants of said place. All they know is murder!

      • FACEPALM

        I’m white and a pacifist… Plus, all races have killed one way or another. No one’s hands are clean with it come to debating that topic… So, yeah.

  • sadlyhesfamily

    It don’t matter what color his skin is…this sucker has a special place in hell, and I hope he rots in jail and stays the hell away from my family.


    Once again, ignorance is the only thing shinning in these comments. He hasn’t been charged with anything yet you narrow-minded bigots, get your fingers off the judgmental trigger (as difficult as that may be), shut up and sit down until he has been proven guilty. Wishing harm on another person is no better than the crime that was committed.

  • a man

    Fine. if he is convicted the man should pay dearly no matter the color of his skin. each race has their own issues. while the blacks do seem to be more involved in gangs, and violent crimes, the white man brought them here against their will. I do hope that more black males get more involved in their community, get better education, and stop the violent ways of a “thug” and teach their young the right way to live in the future. and although the white man has come a long way in this area, I do hope we can continue in the efforts to see black people as our equals. I don’t feel the black man is oppressed anymore and not many white people are even alive anymore that lived in that era. its time to stop blaming the white man for what happened a hundred years ago. truth be known white and black has a place in the US. and we need to pull together against the race that is invading our country. they are coming into our country by the 1000s each day and commiting more violent and sexual crimes than the whites and blacks combined. the whites and blacks alike are quickly becoming the minority and as long as we bicker and fight with each other, they are undetected. I say we make a stand together for once and shut down our borders before its too late.

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