UNC professor dies after Chapel Hill mugging; two men arrested

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Derick Davis II, 23, of Durham, and Troy Arrington Jr., 27, of Chapel Hill.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — Two men are in police custody after a UNC Chapel Hill researcher died from injuries in a robbery and beating Wednesday.

WTVD-TV reported that the assault happened Wednesday on W. University Drive. Investigators said the victim – 59-year-old Feng Liu of Durham – died at UNC Hospital Thursday morning.

Feng Liu

Feng Liu

A spokesperson for UNC said Liu was a research professor at the pharmacy school who worked with graduate students in a lab setting. According to a bio page on the school’s website, Liu got his BS and MS in pharmaceutics science at Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, China, and PhD at the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy.

His research focused on gene and drug delivery.

Prior to Liu’s death, Chapel Hill police said Derick Davis II, 23, of Scots Pine Crossing, Durham, was charged with assault, robbery and possession of stolen goods.

Troy Arrington Jr., 27, of Johnson Street, Chapel Hill, was charged with assault and robbery.

Both men were in the Orange County Jail. Police said the investigation continues and upgraded charges are coming.


  • Donnie

    And why is this not a hate crime. The man they killed is Chinese. If this were 2 white men killing a black man, it would most certainly be considered a hate crime. What a shame the this is such a one way country.

  • Noneed

    It says plan as day robbery. People are robbing and killing people every day that is the same race so it’s not a hate crime if that’s the case everything a person do in there life should be a hate crime.

  • o wow

    i wish this victim ad been packing and dropped these thugs DRT. These thugs need to hanging high from a rope.

  • Mark Ballots

    You know, you may be right. Considering the victim was Chinese, the DA may file hate crime charges. However, if the victim were white, we’d never see such charges filed. Look at Michael Shull, Autumn Pasquale, Marley Lion, etc.

  • Mya

    HOW STUPID! What on earth precedes such a decision? The two of you get together and start complaining about how working people have money, and you have none? Tip: you have money if YOU READ AND LEARN, AND THEN WORK AND EARN.
    Instead, you get a chip on your shoulder because you failed to demand something of yourself, and now you see you need it, so you decide to cheat! You decide to even the scales by cheating! It’s stupid. Only work and knowledge can balance the scales–not thieving, hitting, robbing and running.
    Now, look at what you’ve done–you’ve taken a busy man’s life! Stupid little creeps.

  • Jake Barnes (@VillupuramP)

    In Knoxville, TN, black thugs abducted a young white couple; both were tortured; raped, and killed. The defense attorneys argued that this wasn’t a hate crime because these blacks dated white girls. Did anyone really think that these creeps would have abducted, tortured, raped and killed a black couple? It is my understanding that NC has the death penalty. Some years ago, a black thug abducted a young white mother and her baby. He forced her to withdraw money from an ATM; took her to a desolate area; raped her; bludgeoned her to death and left her baby alongside her dead body. The only reason the badly sunburned baby survived was a man walking his dog heard the baby crying. This monster got life in prison – he deserved the death penalty. Don’t count on these two animals getting the death penalty.

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