Two jailed under multi-million-dollar bonds on heroin charges in High Point

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HIGH POINT, N.C. — Two High Point residents are being held in jail under multi-million dollar bonds on heroin charges.

Brenda Rachell Warley, 24, and D’Nez Devon Autery, 26, were arrested Wednesday after High Point police seized 234 grams (0.52 pounds) of heroin.

Warley is jailed under a $2 million bail. Autery’s bail was set at $2.8 million, according to jail records.

The suspects are each charged with two counts of possession with intent to manufacture, sell or deliver a controlled substance; two counts trafficking heroin; maintaining a dwelling or vehicle for a controlled substance; and conspiracy to commit a drug offense.

Warley is charged with an additional count of possession with intent to manufacture, sell or deliver a controlled substance. Autery is charged with four additional counts of trafficking heroin.


    • david esmay

      Racist much? You were awfully quiet in the comments about the white boy raping black kids during his “mission” trip to Kenya.

  • BB

    Sad, I went to school with the guy that was here. I admit back then he was very intelligent. You never what can happen in someone’s life. Sadness.

  • Mr. K

    If Obama had a drug dealing son or daughter that was too lazy to work, they would probably look like D’Nez and Brenda. D’Nez?? Are this parents choosing names out of their bowl of alphabet soup?

    • Thug

      If he had kids, which he does, the correlation between his kids and these two are the fact they are black. Nothing more. You really had to stretch to try to make sense of what you said. You thought about it and it didn’t even make sense to you but you said it anyway. Nothing to do with the story at all just an anonymous attempt at a “joke” about someone who, like him or not, is very successful in life. His kids will go to Harvard. If these two were his kids then they would be in Harvard right now too. I say all of that to say, stupidity is no laughing matter.

      • l337g33k

        I think it’s an attempt to jokingly mirror Obama’s comment over Trayvon Martin about his son would look like Trayvon… yadda yadda yadda. However, the alphabet soup did make me chuckle… D’nez. heh.

      • Mr. K

        Reading isn’t not your strong point huh? My comment stated “if Obama had a drug dealing son or daughter”. Obviously Nobama has kids but they aren’t drug dealers. If only your reading and comprehending skills were as strong as your need to defend guilty black people.

  • Chucky

    Hopefully this will make some kind of dent in Heroine overdoses in High Point. By the way, another way of saying how much heroine that is would be 1/2 pound. :)

  • self made

    Mr.K u need to watch wat u say Cause u never know Who D’nez knows just know WE do make house Calls💯💯💯💯

    • Mr. K

      No need to make house calls, I don’t use heroin. But if you are out this way stop by the library and read a book or two. Reading helps with writing skills and social skills. These things will make you a more successful dealer.

    • l337g33k

      Friends and family would most likely beg to differ. I agree it’s a user’s choice; however, I also blame the natural progression of abused and over prescribed opiate pain killers to cheaper heroin.

  • The One

    Shame they can’t catch the people with pounds of that poison! Also should be tried with 1st deg. murder tag with the drug charge.

  • Mya

    Bless you–it’s never about “race”, but always about “behavior.” Race is completely irrelevant these days, but behavior will never be irrelevant to a polite society.

  • Samer

    I went to school with Nez. Smh! Thats a shame. Feel bad for him. Means hell be in there for a loooooong time

  • sinner 3

    You are exactly correct !! The more addicts kill themselves and the sooner the better I like it !! The misery they cause their families is enough reason to end them sooner than latter !!

  • Donnie

    Guess they should have gone over to Chapel Hill where murder carries only a 100,000 bond. they’s be outta jail by now.

    • l337g33k

      There’s always visitation days. Hopefully they’ll get charged with murder if they can link their dope to the overdose deaths. That would be AWESOME. In the meantime, how about you go take a hot shot of your bestie’s junk and I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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