Rockingham County deputies search for stolen trailer

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EDEN, N.C. — Deputies with the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office are looking for a utility trailer reported stolen in Eden between July, 7 and July, 17.

Deputies said the stolen trailer is a 6-by-10 foot single axle utility trailer with a split landscape gate on the rear.  It is black with white spoke wheels and a wooden floor with a North Carolina license place CB68071, according to deputies.

The sheriff’s office has provided a photo of a trailer that looks similar to the one stolen. Anyone with any information can call deputies at (336) 634-3232.


  • Sinner 3

    When did stolen merchandise get so much attention before? Must have been someone’s trailer that works for the Coppers!

  • Sinner 3

    Must be boring to be a Rockingham County Sheriff… Spending time looking for a stolen trailor instead of protecting and serving the AMERICAN citizen. Wasted tax paying dollars is all it boils down to!

  • Ron Melancon

    Look no further than South is the largest stolen trailer capital on the east coast. Your political leaders want your trailer to be stolen and never found because making new ones creates jobs. Even the Insurance companies know…and yet they don’t care … we do!

  • Ron Melancon

    Now if you want to get really upset…I can re-register this stolen trailer in Your State as a HOMEMADE trailer and your stupid DMV will issue a new vin number and give me a new plate. or I can simply apply for a new registration and send it to the State of Maine for 50 dollars I get a 5 year tag for this stolen trailer using a vin number I made up.

  • Ron Melancon

    Congressman Cantor and Your Governor got this…info…and they did nothing…we fired Congressman Cantor….
    One popular scam is to buy a manufactured trailer, insure it, then remove the VIN and report it as stolen. Re-branding it as a homemade trailer with a new license plate can be as simple as filing bogus paperwork with another state.

    Melancon did this recently to prove his point. He applied from Virginia for a Maine trailer license with a fabricated VIN (ST467OL499EN17I99AM). For a $50 fee, he received his license plate in the mail with official documentation. Apparently no one noticed the message hidden in the VIN if you remove the numbers: STOLEN I AM.

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