Randleman boy a rising star in cross country motorcycling

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Parents spend a lifetime trying to protect their kids, and when they start getting involved in sports they worry they might get hurt.

Now imagine your child is racing motorcycles at a high rate of speed through the woods inches from trees and other dangerous obstacles. Welcome to world of Chad and Crystal Williams.

Their son Hunter is one of the top cross country riders for his age in the country.


  • Mindy Hankins

    Wow! to our little truth speaker….you want truth… well here’s some truth! Crystal has been a MOM to Hunter since before he was 2! His egg donor may have brought him into this world but she didn’t raise him and she absolutely did not get him started in racing! Crystal and Chad took him to his first race at Twin Oaks when my son was racing. They paid his entry fees and assumed liability. She did show up to his first race only to get drunk! She has not been to a race since. She has 4 children and has custody of only 1. She abandoned the other 3! Crystal has been by his side through every race every and many baseball games. Jennifer would disappear for weeks at a time when Hunter was a young child and the others were babies. Thank God for “step moms” like Crystal. She this child has been loved unconditionally since he was left with them when he was 9. And by the way…. Hunter introduced Crystal to the interviewers as “my Mom”. Jennifer has not spoken to her biological son in over 5 years! So get you some TRUTH!!!!

  • Michelle Moore, Hunter's Aunt

    Well said Mindy. Crystal is a awesome person and Hunter took it upon himself to give Crystal the title of mother. Shame on whoever is the “truthspeaker” (as if we don’t already know) for trying to take this moment of pride away from my nephew. When you sat down at your computer and started to type all of this out, did you ever consider how his feelings would be affected, the feelings of a 15 year old, who has really already been through enough in life, or was your opinion more valuable? I don’t think so.


    I am sorry for any confusion I may have caused. In my mind Crystal is my mom and that’s what I told Timmy that day at Zoo City. I didn’t think I needed to explain that she didn’t give birth to me. She and my dad is the one’s who has been there for me through a lot of stuff for the past 14 years. I don’t know why someone would say something about the situation and title it TRUTHSPEAKER when they obviously don’t know the truth. The story is about my racing career and the cross country style of racing. It’s not about competing to be the best mom but if it was Crystal has my vote. I love to race and I love cross country and I don’t want ignorant comments to take away from the awesome job Timmy done on the story. Sorry for confusion…but Fox 8 has the story correct!

    Thanks, Hunter

  • MARY

    Loved the story. Great sport and great family! Hope to see a follow up story at some point. This kid is going places!

  • Michelle Moore

    Obviously whoever the Truthspeaker is has no feelings or regards for Hunter. I’m asking you once again, to please let him enjoy the spotlight instead of dragging his past five years through a public website. Please do not continue to call them a fake family when you can only use a fake name to post on this website. If you’re so bold to make all of these assumptions, own up to them. It should’ve been obvious when Hunter made his comment on here, that you need to shut your mouth. If she wanted to be a part of his life for the past five years, or had any concern for him and his well being, she would contribute financially by paying child support, which she hasn’t done at all.

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