Drunk passenger attempts to open plane door mistaking it for bathroom door

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DUBLIN — A man drinking vodka and beer to calm his nerves while on his first flight attempted to open the plane’s main door in flight, thinking it was the bathroom door, according to the Irish Independent.

Tomasz Mucha, 26, was on a Ryanair flight traveling from Krakow, Poland to Dublin, Ireland when he lifted the handle of the plane’s main door. Dublin District Court told the Independent the only thing that stopped Mucha from opening the door was the air pressure.

Mucha admitted to being drunk on the flight. He reportedly used threatening, abusive or insulting behavior and was charged with the offenses under the Air Navigation and Transport Act.

Mucha told the plane’s staff he consumed alcohol because it was the first time he had ever been on an airplane and he was nervous.


    • Robert B Bracey

      Aaron, I fear you are mistaken. The FBI is still looking for the person who hijacked a plane, demanded and was given millions, and then opened a rear door and parachuted out while the plane was in flight over the northwest US. He has yet to be found but some of the cash has been recovered.

      • English101

        That was a 727 which has a rear access door that lowers behind the plane. The main access doors to the fuselage are impossible to open during flight.

        PS The person you are referring to is DB Cooper and it happened back in the 1970’s.

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