Tim Brown vs. Burt Myers: Crashes overshadow racing at Bowman Gray Stadium

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Saturday night’s “Night of Destruction” at Bowman Gray Stadium was to include Monster Trucks and a Demolition Derby as part of the night’s racing action, but two drivers in the stadium’s modified division started the festivities in their race.

Tim Brown, the respected modified driver, who’s won a track record nine championships, and is the current points leader, targeted rival Burt Myers for retaliation late in the race after Myers bumped Brown out of the lead in the 25 lap race.

Brown spun in turn 4 after Myers hit his rear bumper several times going through turn 3.

He waited, stopped on the track, for Myers to pass under the caution and drove into the side of Myers’ #1 car. A game of cat and mouse bumper cars ensued around the track until officials could motion Brown to the pits.

Burt Myers kept the lead and the race went back green for two laps when Tim Brown came back on the track and ran Burt Myers into the Turn 1 wall as Myers began to race by.

Then it became a demolition derby. Brown slammed into Myers, Myers rammed Brown, Brown drove his car up over part of Myers’ roof… and so it went for about three minutes until track officials and Winston-Salem police could make them stop.

There’s no immediate word on any penalties the two may face.

Myers has been in several altercations this year, once after spinning Junior Miller from the lead in June where a woman came into victory lane and punched Myers in the stomach and last week when Miller decided to execute revenge on Burt Myers late in a 100-lap, double points paying race.

Tim Brown has mostly kept his nose clean throughout the season, but was quoted in the Winston-Salem Journal Saturday saying, “That’s what puts people in the stands, usually at our expense unfortunately. Until they start cracking down and doing something about it, it’s not going to stop.”


  • Mark Stabler

    Typical action at Bowman Gray. While they did not show how many people were in the stands I’m pretty sure it was a better turn out than the Nationwide Series had last night. Didn’t look like they had enough fans to pay the light bill, much less the winnings to the racers. I haven’t seen a good crowd at a Nationwide race this year and some really poor turn outs for the Sprint Cup races, and that’s after most of the tracks have removed thousands of seats and covered up thousands more. The “Big Boys” better take a hard, long look at the product they are putting on the track before the manufactures say good bye and the television guys turn off the money spigot.

  • T. Wells

    Bowman Gray should not allow these two on the track. We have not gone back since the first “match” between these two. It is not racing it is idiots with egos and someone will get hurt…..bad. 7 tickets lost at my home.

  • Bo Diddley

    There was a reality show on a couple years ago that followed these guys around during the week. Trust me folks, this really is all that Tim has going for him. He has no life outside of spending endless nights is his shed working on these cars. His family(wife) caters to him like he’s a spoiled child and somehow he got the King of Lexington Jewelers to sponsor him. So go easy on poor Tim, he’s probably out in the shed right now while you’re out enjoying your life.

  • BDC

    I have been going to Bowman Gray Stadium for over 35 years and I also raced there a hand full of times a few years ago but I was not there last night to witness this in person but, just an observation, and I may be wrong, but as you can clearly see in this higher quality video it looks as though Tim Brown had a steering issue just as he came out of the pits and could not get up to speed so slid to the inside of the track and did not intentionally wait on Burt Myers. You can see the right front wheel wobble as he is coming down the front stretch so as he went into Turn 1 he had no steering and just went straight into Burt causing the incident. How it escalated from there I couldn’t say anything except that’s where BGS got the nickname “The Madhouse”. If I am wrong, I am man enough to admit it. But look closely and see if anyone else can see the same as I did.

  • b.alex

    Guess these clowns still think they’re filming the”Madhouse”tv show. Well the shows over so quit acting like idiots and get back to racing. Actions like this has tarnished the stadiums reputation of good hard racing and some really good drivers. Is filling the seats at the cost of injuring or killing a fan if something flies off one of the cars when one of these yahoos has a hissy fit worth it?

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