Reynolds descendant to drop Tanglewood gun lawsuit

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Tanglewood Park (WGHP)

FORSYTH COUNTY, N.C. — Noah Reynolds is dropping his challenge to Forsyth County’s policy on guns in Tanglewood Park, according to the Winston-Salem Journal.

Reynolds announced Saturday in an email that he would drop the lawsuit filed last October, challenging the county’s policy allowing people with concealed carry permits to have guns in Tanglewood Park.

“My feelings haven’t changed,” Reynolds said when reached by phone Saturday. “But if the court won’t hear my case, then the court won’t hear my case.”

Reynolds said the case had been ordered to mediation, where parties in a lawsuit work with a neutral third party to settle. Reynolds said he didn’t see the possibility for a settlement and instead decided to drop the case.

“I know when the deck is stacked against me,” he said in an email.

Reynolds, a descendant of the family that originally provided land for Tanglewood Park, filed the suit last October with co-plaintiff Domingo A. Isasi, a former Winston-Salem police officer and a special agent with the State Bureau of Investigation. Reynolds said Isasi has since moved to Maine for a job opportunity, one reason Reynolds was dropping the suit.

The lawsuit argues that the county’s ordinance is in conflict with state law and that the county is treating lawful gun owners unfairly by allowing concealed carry but prohibiting people from openly carrying guns.

Concealed carry already was allowed at the county’s other parks, although open carry is not. In the past, concealed carry was not allowed at Tanglewood because it is the only county park with an alcohol permit. But under a new state law that went into effect last year, concealed carry in places that serve alcohol is no longer prohibited unless the facility’s owner expressly forbids it.

Commissioners passed the ordinance 4-3 last year to allow people with concealed carry permits to have guns in Tanglewood.

Gloria Whisenhunt, vice chair of the Forsyth County board of commissioners, voted for the ordinance. When reached by phone Saturday evening, she said she was not surprised to hear Reynolds was dropping the suit.

“I never thought it was a legitimate law suit to begin with,” she said.

Whisenhunt said the likelihood that the issue will be revisited next year when the makeup of the board is different is “very slim.”

Commissioner Mark Baker, who voted for the ordinance, was defeated in the May primary by Don Martin. Martin will be unopposed in the general election. Bill Whiteheart, who also voted for the ordinance, faces a challenge for his seat in November.

Reynolds said he will not approach the new board about revisiting the issue, but hopes they will do so.

“I think the commissioners and the public are well aware of my position,” Reynolds said. “If they wish to pursue it further, I think it’s time for them to pick up the ball and carry it forward.”


  • John Smith

    Guns at Tanglewood will make us far, far safer. Now…..we all know a lot of people get sloppy drunk too at various happenings at Tanglewood. That’s when all good parents, the conservatives who scream for guns everywhere at all times by all people, should make sure their kids are on the grounds. That way they can scream and cry to the TV cameras when it is their child that gets whacked.

    • Martinez de Pasqually

      John. to wish the trials and tribulation of heartache upon others is to expose the moral weakness of yourself !!

    • Suzie Andrew

      Guns have NO PLACE in parks and on playgrounds or out in the open or even licensed for concealed weapons. All this does is ask for trouble when two idiots carrying guns get mad over nothing and pull their guns and start shooting. This legislature is killing NC but, then, they aren’t using guns to do it. But they might as well be.

      • Fumb Ducks

        Suzie why only parks and playgrounds? Two guys could “get mad” at each other any where with other people around.and start shooting. I want a non-crazy guy that has his weapon to take care of the crazy. Besides criminals don’t care about your gun ban that’s why this is a heated debate. People want their rights to protect themselves from the criminal crazies.

  • Fumb Ducks

    Right, like a loony liberal deny the data that say more lawful gun owners equal a safer community. Besides this has more to do with a fundamental right than it is to do with having safer park. But I see your concern those crazies at the wine festival and Christmas lights show are dangerous they might pull out there nines and start capping empty bottles or Christmas displays, yeah watch out for those Clemmonites. Koo-koo.

    • JT

      If more guns make us safer, the US would be one of the safest countries in the world. Georgia passed the “guns everywhere” law. Consequence: Georgia has the highest firearms-related murder rates in the south.

      • Fumb Ducks

        Ha, ha weak comparison that law just passed less than a month ago July 1st 2014 are you going to give it time to see the effect? Besides crime involving guns in Georgia won’t changed in areas of high crime if LAWFUL gun owners don’t increase. This is because there is plenty of unlawful gun owners already there – the criminal element. Any rate it is not a gun problem it is a mental health problem. A whack job will find a way to kill people with a butter knife if they are determined.

    • Fumb Ducks

      Doc Bennett, are you replying to me because I have really good comeback for you if you are??

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