Pilot Mountain bridge gone; many in town are upset

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Cut off, disconnected and inconvenienced – these are just a few of the words people in Pilot Mountain are using to describe the situation they now face.

Several weeks ago, the Highway 268 bridge over US-52 was removed to make way for a new one. FOX8's Neill McNeill tells us why that move is hurting businesses.


  • Paul

    I don’t live in Pilot, but I can’t help to wonder why, anyone in the position to make the decision to remove that bridge, would do so before having everything in place to start the replacement. This is a total inconvenience and very unfair to this community!! Many bridges, not near as important, are replaced one lane at a time. To me, this shows a lack of concern, and respect, to these folks!! I wonder, does anyone in DOT management live in this area and have to put up with this! I think that the DOT should be required to put everything they have on this project and complete it ASAP !! It is our money that they use!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jennifer

    I completely agree. They do not have all the material they need. So it just sits. It was disrespectful and poorly planned. I am a Pilot Mtn resident and I am outraged at the complete lack of regard for the business owners in Pilot that are now struggling due to someone’s lack of planning.

    • Iama Retiree

      You are a woman of many faces – Hope the “crisis” you were having is better – Looks like HH is headed for the close out — The sooner the better – Hopefully, next time, you will give some thought to your “investments” – Again, what people will not do for a little attention.

  • Bo Diddley

    The good news is that nobody gets off the highway to visit that hick town. There are other roads and bridges the locals can use.

    • Iama Retiree

      @ BO DIDDLEY
      “Jennifer” does because she lives there — Pilot Mountain is a nice little town in Surry County, Bo – Perhaps you should stop in and see it sometime – Takes you back to yesteryear ! Pilot Mountain is where “Sheriff Taylor” and “Barney” used to visit from time to time.

    • Jordan

      You need help… It’s obviously not your town or city this is happening to. You can’t empathize for others apparently. Glad this isn’t happening to you. May God bless you.

    • carolinagrl1971

      There are schools & businesses in Pilot Mountain that many citizens use daily plus the number of people that take the exits to eat & get fuel that are traveling from out of town who admires the view of Pilot Knob. I for one work in Pilot & it takes an extra 8 miles every morning & afternoon to get to my destination (16 X 5= 80 extra miles a week just in case you don’t care to do the math). I pay my fair share of taxes so it doesn’t matter how many populate this town or what your opinion is, this town deserves to have their roads & bridges built in a timely manner as any other place in NC.

    • akpadjen23

      Really Bo?!? Your ignorance amazes me. I use that bridge to commute to work EVERYDAY. Not only is it an inconvenience but it has greatly affected small business owners. But I’m sure you could never sympathize with that because I bet you are uneducated and have a dead end job or you wouldn’t be so ignorant.

  • The One

    If you had a few members of the naacp or aclu that lived there a bridge would already be started or finished!

  • Lori George Hopper

    They wasted NO TIME in taking it down. Now it sits….
    What I do not understand that this was known prior to the destruction of the bridge. Why was something not done to stop it or to change the plan to have an alternate bridge in place prior to its demolish. I have noticed that they have added DOT turn around lanes on 52 for emergency vehicles. AGAIN, this should have been done before the bridge was gone.
    Lastly, the bridge was old, but it was sound from the reports I have read…. so I do not understand the rush!

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