Boy treated with experimental NC drug heads home, is ‘as good as new’

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Josh Hardy

Memphis, Tenn. (WTVR) — Josh Hardy, the 7-year-old boy whose parents fought to get him an experimental drug, is headed home to Fredericksburg.

Josh’s mother, Aimee Hardy, posted on the SaveJosh Facebook page Wednesday morning that the family is headed home to Virginia after spending six and a half months receiving treatment at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis.

“Glory to GOD! We are going home!!!! Leaving today. After 6 1/2 months, Josh finally gets to be in his house,” Aimee Hardy wrote.

Hardy said that Josh no longer needs dialysis and that his heart function is within normal range.

“His lung function is perfect. His tummy is coming around. He has not had the need of a blood transfusion in a month,” Aimee Hardy wrote. “And with a lot of hard work his strength will return. He can walk a nice distance holding my hands. And we anticipate the return of his immunity in a few months.”

Josh does not have to return to Memphis until July 29. Hardy said that after that check up, the family should only have to come back to St. Jude for monthly check ups until Josh hits the one year mark in January.

Josh, who contracted a rare virus when his immune system was compromised during a life-saving bone marrow transplant, gained national attention after his family petitioned the Durham, N.C.-based drug maker Chimerix to allow him to be treated with the experimental drug.

Chimerix originally said in March the drug could not be released outside of controlled clinical trials. However, once the drug maker reached an agreement with the FDA, Josh became the first patient of an open-label trial of Brincidofovir.


  • Martinez de Pasqually

    Remember hearing of such a drug with fantastic results !! It was referred to as the Chimera drug !!

    • Blizno

      God developed the treatment? God fought to get permission to administer it? God administered the treatment and monitored the patient’s progress?
      Is God the drug maker Chimerix or is God the hospital where the patient was treated?

      Glory to the loving parents who fought to get their son treated.
      Glory to the caring people who created this treatment and to those who administered it.
      No glory to any imaginary god cruel enough to make a child sick enough to need the treatment.

      Good luck, little dude. I hope you recover fully and stay healthy.

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