Facebook is helping bust deadbeat dads who skip out on child support

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MILWAUKEE, Wis. — Social media is helping bust deadbeat dads who skip out on paying child support.

WITI-TV reported that the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office uses Facebook to help determine whether fathers really don’t have the money to support their kids or if they just don’t want to pay.

John Rau is accused of paying just $189 in child support for his 3-year-old son Casey. That’s less than 14 cents a day since his son was born. Casey has leukemia.

For a year and a half, Casey suffered through chemotherapy, spinal taps and dozens of hospital stays. He even had to learn to walk again with physical therapy.

WITI reported that Rau brags on Facebook about how much money he makes.

When WITI confronted Rau, he said he didn’t know his son was sick until last Christmas and he intends to start paying.

His bragging on social media is exactly why he’s now facing felony charges for failing to pay child support.

And Rau is not the only one. Several other deadbeat fathers have been busted under similar circumstances.

Read full report: WITI-TV


  • maria brown

    I live in Ohio and my sons dad owes over $13,000 for my son. He even lives in the same town,however he makes good money if course now its under the table so he doesn’t have to pay support. I don’t think it should matter if he works under the table or not he still should have to pay yet he takes care if other ppls kids but my son.

    • Jamie

      My ex husband is remarried with 2 more kids and a stepchild. Owes over 50,000 an will not pay for our three kid’s. I do not understand why he is allowed to walk free. Let him tell it on Facebook his life is so wonderful and his wife’s always posting what a great dad he is..he hasn’t seen them in year’s and don’t even call them on holidays or birthdays…pathetic…

  • Victoria

    My baby daddy is dead beat he didn’t agree on $271.00 now I have to wait for a court date. He rather take care of his girlfriend and her kids that she not have cousty of . He rather go to wresleing show to . He hardly calls or visit. he only since my daughter twice this year

  • Mark Stabler

    This is truly something the government should be concentrating on rather than sticking pot users in prison. These deadbeat dads need to be tracked down and made to pay to support their kids. The Federal government should make social security records available for tracking these deadbeats. I would much rather my tax money go to housing these criminals in prison than some pot heads. And no I don’t use marijuana.

    • asdasdasdasdasd

      How exactly would putting them in prison solve anything? And some of these comments are just as sad you can tell there’s more to it than someone just not wanting to pay. People need to learn to work together better. if you cant be in a room with someone DONT HAVE A KID WITH THEM!

  • asdasdasdasdasd

    The best part of the story thou is how he didn’t know his son was sick……… Yeah it’s sad people dont pay but sometimes the mothers are just as much to blame when they don’t want to let the father in the childs life or want to make it a hassle.

    Child support is all about the $$$$…. unless there’s a good reason someone cant be around kids should just make it mandatory parents 50/50 split their child bearing responsibilities. and not make it about how much money the kid should get

  • Fred

    What about deadbeat moms? My ex wife does nothing for my son. She is near 2k behind in child support to me and does nothing. I have custody of my son. She doesn’t even come to visit on birthdays holidays, etc. Not always the guys.

    • random 23 year old

      Im a single mom, so im not being biased, but you are right. But I think .15 cents a month isn’t that big of a deal. I dont even ask for child because we both agreed on bring our son in our life. Help would be nice but if your not financially stable you shouldn’t have had a child to begin with. I didn’t make but 8/hr when I had my son but people need to live the life on what their funds will allow. Dont drink wine on a beer budget.

    • Nasty21

      I raised two beautiful daughters by myself ….never received one single penny from their meth head mom. NOT ONE PENNY. While I was serving in Iraq (Desert Storm) she was very busy losing EVERYTHING we owned, developing a meth addiction, and sleeping with her dope dealer.
      The girls are grown…. successful professional young women despite never receiving emotional OR financial support from their deadbeat drug addicted MOM

  • Leeann Keaton

    North Carolina really needs to do something about child support. This state needs to step up and care. I am owed over 60,000.00

  • Nasty21

    I raised two beautiful daughters by myself ….never received one single penny from their meth head mom. NOT ONE PENNY. While I was serving in Iraq (Desert Storm) she was very busy losing EVERYTHING we owned, developing a meth addiction, and sleeping with her dope dealer.
    The girls are grown…. successful professional young women despite never receiving emotional OR financial support from their deadbeat drug addicted MOM…..maybe they were better off that way….what do you think?

  • Benny Combs

    I also am a single father raising two daughters by myself she helps with nothing I cannot even get her to meet me half way to pick them up when I can talk her in to seeing them so you see it’s not always a deadbeat dad sometimes its a deadbeat mom coin that phrase

  • Amanda

    I wish they would do some changes here in NC about fathers not paying my two oldest children fathers barely pay. My son father was ordered to pay only $55 a month for the first 4 years all because he told them he didnt work which was a lie he worked under the table and made 16 a hour so he had plenty of money he could of paid they once they decided to review it they told him eh only had to pay 239. My son was born with a birth defect and has had over 20 surgeries and I have only got under 800 since he was born. But supposely they could never find him for child support but everytime he got in a car for DUI they locked him up a(he has been charged with 8 DUI) Once I would find out he was locked up I would call and tell CS but they said they couldnt serve him until he was released which never happen. And if you cant find him then you should take the times you know where he is to serve him
    . As for my daughter her father was order to pay only 140 a month when she was 1 but they started it from the day she was born so that made him behind the first month and so they said pay a extra 15 which he barely pays I might have got 1000 for her since birth but yet he is out balling buying cars and moving every 6 months and raising his gf 3 kids and cant pay for his own kid. And then at tax time he went and filed my daughter after I had already filed her and they audit me and then took the 1000 and sent to local hospital and only sent me 400 that’s BS. I dont think the dead beats should be allowed to get anything in there name if they are behind like car and houses. And its not right that they can jsut chose tot go to jail for 30 days and they drop the 4000 that they own. I think they should have to do 30 days and add 30 days for each time they get locked up and still pay the money owe!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats still the bruden on the mother to raise the child by herself. I have 3 children and its not right we got to struggle while the fathers are out partying and blowing money and we are the ones to haev to tell our kids no they cant have a 1 cheese burger or new clothes. The laws need to be changed!!! And I think if a man get behind they should have to wear a ankle monitor until they get caught up so CS can find them.

  • Bo don't know Shit

    I hate a deadbeat dad, They don’t even deserve to be called a dad, I have been with my children since they were born, I have suffered through hell to make things work in my marriage just so I could be with them, They are about to turn 17 and 18 years old and I would give them the shirt off my back if they needed it, How can anyone make a baby and not be man enough to step up? they belong in their own society and should not be allowed to live with us in the US, Deadbeat fathers are pathetic, Anyone can be a father, But it takes a supporter and provider and someone special t earn the right to be called daddy

  • grandma

    I agree yes deadbeat “mothers” should be looked at also. Do you realize, most dads are just looked at as a “WALLET”. The moms need to get off their bottoms and work too, not just “COLLECT”. Dad should get EQUAL custody rights and when the “biological mother” is a drug addict No “support/drug” money should be received by HER! Kids rightfully would be with the father. You get that Seminole County, Florida!!!!!. Drug addicts should be SUPERVISED when and if allowed VISITATION! My granddaughter”s life has been put in real danger with consequenc
    es from a courts WRONG judgement for the rest of her life. I f she survives the abuse!

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