Lanes reopened on I-40 westbound near Business 40

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — All lanes have reopened after a wreck closed multiple lanes of I-40 westbound near Greensboro Friday afternoon.

The wreck was reported at 1:23 p.m. The wreck caused traffic to be backed up at the split of I-40 and I-40 Business.

No other information is available at this time.


  • Beth

    Before anyone calls anyone an idiot. Maybe just maybe you are talking about someone’s family member. This accident happened to be MY FATHER He was hit by a tractor trailer. So watch your mouth before you sling your thoughtless words about. He was stopping for another accident when his car was torn apart. And now I am waiting to hear how he is.

      • Trav261

        You’re a heartless idiot, Sinner 3! She just said that it was her dad. What if it had been your mom or dad? What is wrong with you???

    • Mindy Wolfe

      I saw this accident happen as were driving west heading towards Bus I-40. The tractor trailer was to the left of our vehicle. Scared my two boys who were with me. We prayed for your father and do hope he will be okay. We stopped immediately to phone 911. Sending prayers.

      • Beth

        Mindy. Did I speak to you on the phone? I spoke to someone and I would love to thank them!!They were so kind ! Thank you so much for your prayers. He walked out of the hospital this evening! Your prayers were answered.

    • Bran

      Did I say it was your fathers fault? No. If he was avoiding an accident already there, then the person who cause the first accident is the idiot. Your father just happens to be a victim of their stupidity. I was simply stating a FACT. Even though you attacked me, hope your father is fine.

      • Beth

        Regardless they were thoughtless. Choose your words wisely. I deserve to defend after your words were carelessly thrown about

      • 1234

        You must be an incredibly sad person. To speak to people the way you do. I would never wish anything horrible on anyone. You should be ashamed. What is even more sad is that you probably won’t be. I am glad I don’t know you. I would never want someone like you apart of my life

      • bigtrav261

        Yeah, and who still calls a woman ‘broad’, anyways? What is this, the 1930’s? If he’s gonna needlessly insult people, at least he should get with the times.

      • Matt the older brother

        An accident is an accident. I guess you were never allowed To make mistakes. And you poor thing feeling as though you were attacked imagi

  • Mary

    Excuse me…my daughter is not a broad as you so say. And you are an ignorant sexist pig for saying so. She was on the phone with her father when this happened so it was a very traumatic experience for her.What has happened to common decency and compassion for people? You are thevone with the issue. Quit projecting your deficiencies on people. And get your own Hagen daz. It might do you some good.

  • Mindy Wolfe

    Beth, I’m not the person you spoke to on the phone but very glad to know your father is home this evening, It warms my heart knowing he is going to be okay and my boys will be relieved too when I share with them the good news. Thank you for letting us know! There is power in prayer. =)

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