UPDATE: All four suspects have been arrested in shooting death of Thomasville man

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Xavius Mebane, Trellis Johnson, Kasey Garland, Rashan Mebane.

THOMASVILLE, N.C. — All four suspects have been arrested and charged with murder after a man was shot to death outside a home in Thomasville on July 15.

Artravis Ned Little, 31, of Thomasville was found fatally shot on Smith Street. Two men and a woman were seen fleeing the scene.

A Crime Stoppers tip led police to the arrest of the fourth suspect Friday morning in the 2200 block of Brentwood Street in High Point.

Rashan Anthony Mebane, 30, of 1006 Anderson Place, High Point, is now in custody, according to police.

Three additional people were arrested in the shooting including Xavius Tyrik Mebane, 20, of Ragan Avenue, High Point; Trellis Mentoria Johnson, 22, of South Benbow Road, Greensboro; and Kasey Dashawn Garland, 23, of Ragan Avenue, High Point.

All four suspects have been charged with murder.

Garland is in the Guilford County Jail for an unrelated charge. Mebane and Johnson are in the Davidson County Jail.

A possible motive is not being released at this time.

The investigation is ongoing.



    • sinner 3

      May I reply my dear FaithC ? There is only one real sinner 3 regardless of those who weakly TRY !! If an insult is what you crave splittale then I have numerous in mind 24/7 !!

  • Powdered Mustard

    How some can obtain satisfaction in taking the life of another, is far beyond my comprehension.
    All four should be given an, (empty), M-4, sent to Afghanistan, and allowed the experience of seeing each other wiped off the face of the earth.
    Real Killers, this lot.

    I wonder how much interest in killing would remain if faced by an opponent who is well trained, and loves killing just as much, or even more, than they.

    This serves as a good explanation of why so many Police Officers are dressed in BDU’s and Riot Gear these days.
    God, Bless, Guide, Direct, and Protect,
    Our Officers and Citizens.
    Comfort the Innocent Victims and their Families.

  • Jack May

    Thank you, Powdered Mustard! Well said! Now if some of the other local yokels that try to comment would try to say something worth reading? Not possible!

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