This Derek Jeter tribute commercial may make you cry

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Derek Jeter is being honored in a new Jordan Brand commercial, leading up to his last All-Star Game as a player.

USA Today reported that the ad spot was released Monday and shows various fans tipping their hat at the Yankees’ captain as a sign of respect.

The ad features appearances by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Jay Z, Carmelo Anthony, Spike Lee, Phil Jackson and more.

Jeter got the commercial as a farewell after announcing that he would retire after the 2014 season. It aired on TV earlier this week.

Below is a vintage FOX8 story from 1993 featuring Jeter as a member of the Greensboro Hornets.



  • American Hero

    He is a true athlete. Stuck to his team and was well behaved when he could have been greedy and ran around playing for whoever. He is a class act and I wish all baseball players would use this guy as a role model to grow up and be like. All of these other athletes only play for money and have no desire to love the team they are on and stick to them. They all want more money and whoever will pay more is where they go – AKA Lebroning James is #1 at it…pretending like he wanted to go back home and play…hahaha….did people seem to forget they are paying you 20 million a season just to play basketball? As if he would not have turned that offer down if another team offer him 25 million….so praise to Derek Jeter…a true athlete and dedicated among the best! My hats off to you Derek.

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