‘Female Forrest Gump’ to jog through Greensboro as part of cross-country run

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Anna Judd

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The “female Forrest Gump” plans to run through Greensboro on Tuesday as part of a cross-country run to raise awareness about veterans’ issues.

Anna Judd plans to jog through Greensboro as part of a run across the country. Organizers said she left from Venice Beach on March 22 and is heading to New York City.

She said she is running across America to raise awareness about the needs of veterans. She reportedly runs about 30 miles a day, and has already run over 2,700 miles.

Organizers call her the “female Forrest Gump” and said Judd is an artist and performer from Los Angeles.

Thousands of people have joined her along the route from California to North Carolina, and more are expected as she runs through the Eastern Seaboard, according to organizers.

She has 650 miles left to go, and her run is planned to end with a massive art performance and run into New York City with Freedom Tower being the final destination.

Read more: Anna Judd’s Facebook page


  • sinner 3

    Well yes indeed young lady I commend you on your efforts and wish you great success in raising the funds to help our veterans of all wars, those that are quickly forgotten by those that rely on them more and more !! May you achieve your goals and exceed them !!

  • Bo Diddley

    Anna you are more than welcome to come stay with Bo as you pass through town. If you are running through GSO you better stay low and run in a serpentine pattern.

  • laffin'atcha

    Couldn’t bother to tell people approximately when she’s coming through town. Who is in charge over there?

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