Woman gives surprise thank you to person who helped her when she went into labor

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Melissa Summers wanted to say thank you to a stranger who helped her in a special way.

"While I was playing with my kids my water broke … right in Hanes Mall," said Summers. "I started to panic."

It was the day after Christmas and Summers’ due date with her third child.

"Oh it was a crazy day," she said.

That same day Sonya Cox, of King, decided she would do something she never does.

"I never go to the mall the day after Christmas but that day I did," said Cox. "I just felt I needed to go."

When Cox, a mother of four and grandmother of three, arrived to the mall on that busy Christmas return day she found a front row parking spot and a mother just inside the doors in labor. "She was obviously in the advance stages of labor," Cox said.

While Summers' mother, who was with her, was trying to deal with her other two kids during the very highly tense moments, Cox offered to drive her to Forsyth Medical Center across the street.

She arrived just in time. "He was born in 40 minutes," said Summers, who named her newborn son James.

Summers never forgot the kindness of Cox, who wouldn't leave her side in the mall and ran red lights to get her to the hospital. To say thank you she decided to make a surprise appointment with Cox, a hair stylist at King's Cabin in King.

Cox knew she had a new client with children scheduled Thursday but did not know names. She was happily surprised when it was Summers and her three children who walked in for that appointment.

"[James] just leaped into my arms and he was so friendly like he knew me, "said Cox "It was a sweet gesture and I was really touched by it.

Summers brought flowers, the children a candy bar and a hand written note of thanks.

"She helped me and my family so much," said Summers. "I always want to be ready to help someone else too."​


  • ReadItAll

    Do the Fox8 journalists even have an elementary-school education? “It was a sweet jester”? Come on!

    • Really?

      I believe that is a quote from the lady who helped carry her to the hospital. So if it was, they are correct in using exact words of the lady speaking. Also if you think you can do a better job, why don’t your apply for a proof job at Fox 8?

      • ReadItAll

        Well, your post explains a lot. The word they were looking for, and the word the woman said, was “gesture”. Not “jester”. Look up the words. If you will notice, Fox8 corrected the mistake. And you wouldn’t believe the number of typos I report to Fox8 on a daily basis. Actually, I think I could do a better job. But they wouldn’t hire me, because I don’t have a degree. Just a love for the English language, and a picky attitude. ;) By the way, you wrote “your” instead of “you” in your last sentence. ;) FYI.

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