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Walnut Cove residents upset over speeders in residential neighborhoods

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WALNUT COVE, N.C. -- Some residents say they want law enforcement to do more about dangerous driving and speeding through residential neighborhoods.

Juanita Riley is one of those residents.

She lives on Summit Street where she says speeding is an everyday issue.

"They're doing 45, 50 miles an hour down this road," Riley said.

She and other residents say drivers fly down the street, going well over the 25 mph speed limit.

"Often times I'll shout at them when they come speeding by, ' Slow down!’” Riley said.

Stokes County Sheriff Mike Marshall says in the past year, they've given out only eight speeding tickets in Walnut Cove and have gotten very few complaints.

Two sheriff's deputies and two North Carolina Highway Patrol state troopers patrol the town daily.

Walnut Cove lost its police department last year.

Marshall says deputies who patrol the area don't use radar.

Town leaders have been working on a plan to put speed bumps in residential areas.

"We're looking at putting down asphalt as well as the removable speed bumps," said Interim Town Manager Monty Stevens.

It’s a plan to slow things down and give residents like Riley peace of mind.

"This is where we live,” Riley said. “This is our home."



  • Bo Diddley

    They don’t even have radar?!! Stokes county is nothing but a bunch of bumpkins! I’ll be drag racing down Summit St tomorrow night at. 6:30….lol…on my scooter!

  • sinner 3

    Tell every one that lives on that stretch where the TIRE SPIKES !! are Then go fix some popcorn and hang out for the show !!

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