Report: Video appears to show moment Malaysia Airlines plane crashed in Ukraine

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President Barack Obama said Thursday the crash of a Malaysian Airlines plane in Ukraine “looks like it may be a terrible tragedy,” and he said efforts were underway to determine if any Americans were aboard.

Video that surfaced on Thursday afternoon apparently shows the moment MH17 crashed in Ukraine.

CNN shared the video but said the video is still unconfirmed at this time.

Previous story:

A Malaysia Airlines passenger jet crashed — and was possibly shot down — in eastern Ukraine on Thursday.

The plane had 280 passengers and 15 crew members on board, read a Facebook post from Anton Gerashchenko, adviser to the Ukrainian Interior Ministry.

According to Fox News, 23 Americans were listed on the flight manifest.

The Boeing 777 was “shot down” over Ukraine by “terrorists” operating a Buk surface-to-air missile system, the post said.

The plane was shot down near the town on Torez in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine, according to the post, as it flew at about 10,000 meters (32,000 feet).

“We do not exclude that the plane was shot down and confirm that the Ukraine Armed Forces did not fire at any targets in the sky,” Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said, according to his website.

Details of the incident are quickly pouring in during the same week that Ukrainian officials said a Russian fighter shot down a Ukrainian military transport plane while the aircraft was in in Ukrainian airspace.

Malaysia Airlines has confirmed that it lost contact with Flight 17 and that the jet’s last known position was over Ukrainian airspace, the airline said on Twitter.


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