Pit bull saves deaf boy from house fire

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(Credit: Indianapolis Fire Department)

INDIANAPOLIS — A pit bull named Ace is being hailed as a hero after waking his deaf teenage owner during a house fire on Wednesday, according to the Indy Star.

Firefighters responded to the home around 1 p.m. Wednesday. Upon arrival, flames were coming out of the garage.

Nick Lamb, 13, who is deaf, was sleeping in the home at the time. Two-year-old Ace alerted Nick and woke him up by licking his face.

“He was thankful that Ace entered his room and licked his face until he woke up,” Indianapolis Fire Department Capt. Rita Reith said in a media release. “The boy quickly covered his nose and mouth with his T-shirt and exited the rear of the house.”

With Ace by his side, he went out the back door of the home and called 911.

“I couldn’t hear anything because I had my cochlear implants off. … My dog Ace smelled it,” Lamb told the Indy Star. “I just wanted to get out.”

The family’s cat was located by a firefighter inside the home and is expected to be OK.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.


  • Ken

    come on folks…ALL pit bulls are dangerous and MUST be put down…horrible, horrible, breed…yea right…

    • bianca

      It depends on how u raise them n I know cause I had one for 10 years n he was a house dog never attick anybody but did worn u to stay away from the kids my kids could play with his food while he ate n never ever did he snap hell sit down n wait till he was done n then I raisehis baby for 7 years that did the same thing in till he got a toumor n I had to put him asleep raise them rite n thell never betrayed ur trust

      • Dee

        I agree! I have a Pitt bull who is 6 years old. My son is 6 and he rides on Buddies back! He absolutely loves children! He has never hurt anything but a possum and a copperhead snake! Thank God, I hate those things!

      • Damon

        I think Ken was being sarcastic. We have had several Pit Bulls. We have a blue pit now named Sparky. I’m convinced that dog thinks he’s a person. He is possibly the nicest dog I’ve ever met. He plays with the neighbors Chihuahua, my dog wouldn’t hurt a fly.

  • Niecie

    Pitbulls are not dangerous it is all in how they are raised & treated & it pisses me off how people want to say these creatures are vicious when really they are just misunderstood. Any animal can be dangerous if they feel threatened but it doesn’t give people the right to say they need to be put down because they don’t. They have every right to be apart of this world as we do. Point blank.

  • Anna

    LOVE THIS POSITIVE ARTICLE… GO PITTIES… SHOW YOUR TRUECOLORS!!!!! Any dog can be agressive… As dog owners we need to watchful at all times with our large breed around children, strangers and other dogs. I love my pittie, he is the sweetest and most lovable dog i have owned.

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