Newly appointed North Carolina poet laureate resigns

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RALEIGH, N.C. — The newly appointed North Carolina poet laureate has stepped down from her position effective immediately, according to WTVD-TV.

Read Macon’s letter here.

Last week, Gov. Pat McCrory chose Valerie Macon, of Fuquay-Varina, to serve a two-year term as poet laureate. Macon is a disability examiner for the state with two self-published books of poetry and a dedication to helping the homeless.

“I’ve decided to regretfully accept Valerie Macon’s resignation, but I hope that she continues to share her talents with others,” said McCrory in a statement. “I’m also disappointed by the way some in the poetry community have expressed such hostility and condescension toward an individual who has great passion for poetry and our state. As we continue to review our appointment process, we will ask for recommendations from the public and hope that those candidates represent talented poets from both traditional and non-traditional organizations.”

Previous state poets laureate criticized McCrory for bypassing the traditional process of having the North Carolina Arts Council set up a committee of writers to review applications and recommend poets. However, the governor has the prerogative of choosing the poet laureate on his own.


  • sinner 3

    I nominate James Taylor !! or we also have another songwriter author in N.C. John Mellencamp !!

  • Gary Wedlund

    She resigned because she has zero credentials and it was a partisan embarrassment. The fact is, nobody has heard of her and her work is largely unavailable. That, as a standard is dismal. Now, of course, she might be a decent poet. Who would ever know? The sad thing is, if she even had a book out on Amazon, she’d have probably sold 20,000 slices, today alone, just from the curious. But, this governor made a pitch for someone in the office who shared his politics. And think about it. What would be the poetry of the right? What would they say?

  • Elena

    The governor completely disregarded the standard process and the voice of the writing community as a whole. Part of the job of the poet laureate is to advance writing and readership and to promote poetry in the state, and this unknown poet has no such experience. Experience matters. There are wonderful poets in North Carolina who were summarily ignored by the governor simply because he thought he would appoint someone who writes some poetry, but he has no idea if what she writes meets any kind of standard of quality. He certainly did not bother to ask anyone who might know.

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