Lawyers spar over evidence at new murder trial of Eve Carson’s convicted killer

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Laurence Lovette (left), Abhijit Mahato (middle) and Eve Carson (right).

DURHAM, N.C. — Defense attorneys for Laurence Lovette Jr. moved to have evidence against him excluded from his second murder trial Thursday, according to WTVD-TV.

Lovette – who is one of two men convicted of the 2008 killing UNC student body president Eve Carson – is now on trial in the January 2008 murder of Duke University graduate student Abhijit Mahato.

Investigators have said Lovette robbed and fatally shot Mahato at his Durham apartment. Mahato’s friends later discovered his body after going to check on him when he did not respond to their calls and text messages.
Autopsy results revealed the grad student was shot between the eyes.

Mahato’s made headlines locally and in India, where the victim was born. Lovette’s connection to Carson’s murder led to more publicity about Mahato’s death.

The mother of Lovette’s co-defendant Demario Atwater in the Eve Carson case is a witness for the prosecution.

Thursday, Superior Court Judge Jim Hardin heard a motion from Lovette’s lawyers who want the case dismissed or the testimony of a key witness suppressed.

Attorney Karen Bethea-Shields told Hardin that it wasn’t until this week that she got evidence from a Chapel Hill Police Department investigator detailing what Atwater’s girlfriend Shanita Love said in an interview.

Love told Chapel Hill police that Lovette and another teen killed Mahato and laughed about it when they heard someone else was charged in the case.

Bethea-Shields said the late arrival of the evidence is a violation of the rules of discovery – which require attorneys to turn over all their evidence to each other in advance of a trial.

On the witness stand Thursday, a Chapel Hill PD investigator denied withholding notes of Love’s statements – saying she just jotted down bullet points on a “sticky note.”

She also denied threatening Love with prosecution to get the statements.

Judge Hardin told the investigator to find the note and continued the issue to Friday morning.

The lawyers then turned back to jury selection. Finding jurors has been a challenge because of the publicity surrounding the Mahato and Carson cases.

Lovette was offered a plea deal but rejected it.

12 jurors have been seated. Lawyers were next picking alternates.


  • Wanda B

    Still going on………..where is justice for Eve Carson? Walk the plank next to a great white shark. This is Tax Dollars WAISTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obviously he is on video in Eves car, withdrawing cash from her account, what coward is not holding this murderer accountable?

    • FaithC

      Wow you are a total waste of oxygen. This is a trial for the murder of a young man, not Eve. Try and actually read the article nitwit!

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