High Point woman hit by car fights crosswalk ticket

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- A High Point woman hit by a car while using a motorized wheelchair to get to the grocery store Saturday will not be blamed for the wreck.

Janet Wade and her daughter were both sent to the hospital after the crash. Not long after that, a police officer investigating the wreck on Westchester Drive and Evergreen Avenue wrote Wade a ticket for not using a crosswalk.

"I could have lost my life," said Wade. "I could have lost my daughter. Would that have made me still wrong?"

Wade wrote a letter to the mayor's office complaining about the ticket. That prompted a second look by the High Point Police Department.

"Any time you don't think an officer got it right or question what we do you should contact the police department and ask them to relook at it," said Chief Marty Sumner.

Sumner said by reconstructing the accident and finding a new photograph of Wade right before the crash police determined Wade did have the right of way.

"The report will be corrected to reflect what we've now found she'll be getting a copy of the new report," said Sumner. "There will be no charges against her."

Sumner said even without a crosswalk, Wade was crossing Westchester close enough to an intersection to be protected by the law.

He said a safer alternative is to find an intersection with a traffic light on it to cross the road.

"She could have crossed at the light, she would have gone a little bit out of her way but I'd say if studies show a lot of pedestrians cross right there then that's something the city could look at to put in some additional safety measures," said Sumner.

At this point, Sumner said there isn't enough public demand for a traffic study to evaluate the need for a crosswalk in that area.


  • Dadslilgirl

    well first of all she should have been crossing at a cross walk and second she should not have had her daughter riding on her lap in a wheelchair. Not to mention her and her family tried to beat up a christian woman that was trying to make sure her and her daughter was ok what is this world coming to all i can say is people need to get right.

  • Bo Diddley

    Who the heck writes jaywalking tickets anymore?! Go do what we pay you you do, hero’s, go fight real crime.

  • Lisa de la cruz

    The driver of the vehicle was a relative of mine. She is a Christian woman and has been taking care of her father for many years. She did nothing wrong. This lady should have never been trying to cross a busy road like westchester dr on a motorized wheelchair in the first place, especially with someone else riding on it with her! Wheelchairs are not vehicles that need to be on a main road!!! This lady is just wanting money and that’s it! At least learn how to stay on the sidewalk!

  • Truth Is

    I see this woman ride past my house everyday. She is not disabled just lazy. Her daughter is always riding on the back or on her lap.

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