Controversy over US 64 Asheboro bypass

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It's one of the biggest attractions in North Carolina -- the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro. It is the largest natural habitat, walk-through zoo in the world.

The way you get to and from the zoo could be changing.

Lindsey Eaton reports.


  • truthjourney

    The claim that the NC Zoo is the largest natural-habitat walk-thru zoo in the world seems a little bit of a stretch. Only 500 acres of the land actually are used for the zoo, and there are fewer than 250 species represented in the zoo. So, by any objective measure, this zoo is not the largest in the world.

  • sinner 3

    Just trying to justify all the millions stolen from the taxpayer to keep the place going !! I do not remember voting for taxpayer millions to be given to this place that gets more attention for KILLING and BORROWING animals than any thing else !!

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