84-year-old man accused of killing neighbor of 30 years

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HAMPTON, Va. — Police say an 84-year-old man shot and killed his next door neighbor of more than 30 years last week, according to WTKR.

David Priddy, 84, is accused of fatally shooting his neighbor 65-year-old Katherine Ann Fleming.

Neighbors say Priddy had lived on the street since the 1970s and had been there by himself since his wife died five years ago.

When Fleming was gunned down, one neighbor, Margaret Haywood, says she suspected Priddy could be the shooter.

Haywood said throughout the years that Priddy and Fleming lived next door to each other they would argue every once in a while. Lately, she said, those arguments had become more frequent. It had reached the point that Priddy would be waiting by his fence for Fleming to get home.

The two would reportedly bicker about things like yard work, but Haywood said she isn’t sure what their more recent, frequent arguments were over.

Following a search of Priddy’s home after the fatal shooting, police found several guns and ammunition, WTKR reported.

Priddy is expected to be in court on July 30.


  • Eleanor Rohl

    And this man who is undoubtedly suffering from dementia or even Alzheimers will be sentenced to life, while the young gang members will get a slap on the wrist. Can we use the defense that this man had a bad childhood, which at his age, I am sure he did NOT have an easy childhood. Children back then were disciplined, and taught good work ethics, etc. Yes, he was wrong to kill this person, but does anyone really know what transpired to escalate to this? Only he and the victim does, and probably he does not even remember it, or that he shot her. Put him in a psychiatric prison, but for goodness sake keep him away from the real prison to be tortured and what by the inmates

    • Paula Wright

      Or he knew what he was doing and is very cognizant. We can’t blame an elderly persons actions on dementia no more than a young persons childhood. I work with elderly people and the majority are very sharp minded. Maybe dementia was involved from him or her. Maybe he was just mean all along and it escalated or she was. Whatever the situation, it’s a tragedy that it happened. My condolences to the families and friends.

  • Resident

    ELEANOR WITH RESPECT, from a white older person who is in the court regularly lets tell you those gang bangers go to jail on a regular basis. As for this gentle man you speak of from a by gone era does come from born in the 1930’s which doesn’t give him the nod to be a part of the greatest generation. He blew his neighbor away. killed that man over an argument like a child. We have no prison for psychopaths in this state. Butner is closed, So I say we strap him into smokie and throw the switch. I see you and I know that blame is required but this is no different than any other crime where a gun is Illegally used and he liked his guns (article) and wanted to use them. I have guns and want to keep them. I don’t want to loose mine because someone missuses theirs.

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