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New story emerges of shoppers smashing car window to rescue kids

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KATY, Texas — The story behind dramatic video of strangers smashing a car window to rescue children locked inside a hot car is becoming more clear, according to a new report from KHOU.

On Monday, people rushed to help when they saw the children inside the SUV. KHOU originally reported that shoppers heard the children in the hot car after the mother apparently left them in the vehicle while she was getting a haircut.

However, surveillance video shows the mother went into a postal store next door to the hair salon with her children. After leaving the store, she accidentally locked her keys and kids in the car.

The mother of the two children told KHOU that after locking her kids in the car, she called her insurance company and she was told it would take two hours to send someone to get the doors open.

The surveillance tape shows the mother walking into the postal store to ask for help. A customer then grabbed a hammer and broke the vehicle’s window.

“It’s not like she left the kids in the car,” Azir Brohi, the owner of the postal store, told KHOU. “It’s not like she did something wrong. She was screaming trying to get the little girl to open the door.”

After the window was broken, the video shows the mother climbing through the window to rescue her kids.

The witness who shot the cell phone video and originally talked to KHOU denied the station’s request for a second interview.


  • sinner 3

    Waiting to read all your eating crow comments people !! I sure would have wound up spitting feathers after mine !!

    • Tabitha

      I guess the person that should be hit up side the head with the hammer is actually the guy who gave the first interview. What was he trying to prove anyway by lying about what really happen?

    • SINNER 3

      After they cracked the glass and got the kids out ,should have cracked her damm head !! How bout just shave her head !! Save that haircut money !!

    • Joanne

      Really gracious of you to admit that, sinner 3. There is such a rush to judgement on most news blogs, we are only given a few facts but we run away with them. I have been guilty of this myself on occasion. I really appreciate your integrity, and humor, in admitting your part in this. That shows real character.

  • Misty

    I’m just glad the children are okay. There have just been way too many tragic stories related to children in cars.

  • Darrell Parks

    Leave your dadblamed phone off, stop videoing EVERYTHING and we will all be better off. Someone was trying for their 15 minutes of internet fame and blew it.

  • christy marie

    the media should report facts. NOT hear say.. I would sue all the news channels. Defammation.

  • christy marie

    Clarifing.. I wouldnt sue all news networks.. Just the ones that take rumors and post on social media sites without any truth. Shame on you fox 8

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