Merz North America to move its headquarters from Greensboro to Raleigh

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Merz North America announced Wednesday it will establish its headquarters in Raleigh, moving the company from current headquarters in Greensboro and from elsewhere in the U.S.

The global pharmaceutical company – part of the Merz Pharma Group, with affiliates in 18 countries around the world – will move operations .

The Greensboro location currently has 193 employees. A spokeswoman for the company was not able to say how many of those jobs will be moved to the Raleigh location, however no jobs will remain in Greensboro.

“For Merz, this move accelerates us toward our vision of becoming the world’s most admired, trusted and innovative aesthetics and neurotoxin company,” said Merz North America President and CEO Bill Humphries. “Our focus is on offering best-in-class customer service, bringing continued innovation to the marketplace and forging new partnerships.”

The decision to centralize Merz’s operations around a Raleigh headquarters follows more than a year of working with outside consultants to evaluate the company’s options, Humphries added. After looking at various metropolitan areas across multiple states, it became clear that Raleigh offers Merz the best opportunity to achieve its vision.

The relocation will take place in a phased approach over the coming year.

Merz has executed a lease at 6501 Six Forks Road for 60,000 square feet, which will be custom-built to meet the company’s needs today and for future growth.

The new headquarters is expected to house 250 employees, including 50 net new jobs to the state of North Carolina.


  • Rebecca Shepard

    Not surprised, Greensboro on High Point Rd looks like a third world country and a slum. And it’s the part of Greensboro folks from out of town see first, not the growing area north or downtown.

    Charlotte and Raleigh is kicking our butts.

    • Ron

      Not sure what you’re talking about. Their location is off Piedmont Parkway near the airport in the area’s best and most scenic industrial park. Possibly attributes other than an area miles away had something to do with it. Ya think?

      • Rebecca Shepard

        Piedmont Parkway is a nice area, but it looks like it is part of High Point, not Greensboro and look how dead that is with Oak Hollow Mall. Also a company will look around the WHOLE area, not just one street. The whole Piedmont Triad is in trouble when you compare it to Raleigh and Charlotte. Would the Company be able to attract talent? They look for that. We are like a “metropolitan wannabe”. This can be fixed and they better fix it. The consultants made it clear, get out!

        Winston and Greensboro are working to fix their downtowns, but they got to do more. Take a drive to Charlotte and Raleigh (I mean around ALL of it) and you will come back home and wonder if you need to move.

  • Bo Diddley

    Nope, they said, that they could find better workers and a safer location elsewhere. Greensboro and High Point are turning into total dumps.

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