Greensboro police officer arrested for allegedly stealing checks

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Cameron Alexander Brafford

GREENSBORO, N.C. — A Greensboro police officer was arrested Wednesday for allegedly stealing business checks from a former employer in Denton.

Officer Cameron Alexander Brafford, 22, faces charges of one count of larceny by employee, two counts of forgery, two counts of uttering of forged instrument, and one count of obtaining property by false pretense.

Detectives from the Denton Police Department alerted Greensboro Police Department officials of Brafford’s alleged involvement in the crimes on Tuesday. Greensboro police detectives assisted in the investigation and enough evidence was developed to charge Brafford.

“When one of our officers is accused of wrongdoing, we take those allegations very seriously,” said Deputy Chief Joe Smith. “We hold our employees to high standards and are hugely disappointed when someone dishonors our department and our profession. If the charges against Officer Brafford are proven true, our response will be swift and appropriate. That’s our commitment to our community.”

Brafford is currently on administrative leave pending the results of an internal investigation.

Brafford joined GPD on Nov. 1, 2013. He graduated from the 97th Police Basic Introductory Course in May 2014 and was receiving supervised patrol officer training at the time of this investigation.


      • Iama Retiree

        @FAITHC – Why don’t you just change your name and stop all this foolishness ….. Who ever has taken on your name is not going to give up and will continue to goat you until you put a stop to it. Personally, I think you like all the attention you garner from all this. I know for sure they enjoy thwarting the hello fuzzy out of you !

      • Powdered Mustard

        @ IAMA RETIREE,
        I have wondered the very same thing for awhile now.
        As every IP address is recorded on all comments these days,
        (and everywhere else),
        it would seem as this, “Stalking”,(?), would have been taken care of long ago .

        Not even by using Tor, or layered VPN’s, can anyone hide their location.
        Nor, by, “piggy-backing”, off of someone else’s wifi, as one can still be identified.
        There is, No Way, to outwit the forensics computers of today.
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        If FaithC is being stalked or spoofed,
        she/he,(?), can get it stopped.
        If, she/he,(?), really wants too.

        Take Note Folks, you can be held accountable for anything that you post
        that is too far out of line, illegal or, (just tics off), the wrong individual.

        (as all the taxpayers have paid for these Super Computer Forensics)…
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        A real poser, eh?

        @ FaithC,
        I do hope you get that taken care of,
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        The, “Culprit”, (whoever that could possibly be),
        certainly seems to be in dire need of some good mental health counciling)…
        If it were myself, I would get to work on it right away. ;)

        As for the news story above, it hardly seems reasonable that someone would think they could embezzle from a Police Department, and not get caught.
        That is in itself, is insane,
        if she is in fact, the one who did it.
        Evidence Room Theivery, is not a new concept.
        Many a story has came out about Drugs, Guns, and Money,
        gone missing from evidence room inventories…

        In some instances there is a schiff, (the real theif),
        and a patsy, (the one who gets the blame).
        Only time will tell…and until the evidence is revealed,
        and until a trial has been made,
        she is to be considered innocent.
        We simply cannot allow media to convict anyone.
        Yet, purposeful or not,
        we allow it to happen far too frequently.

    • Ken

      Yet you don’t mention his race like you do when minorities are involved. Interesting (and predictable). Why is that?

  • popeye

    Well with the things James Hinson has done and got away with it and now he is deputy chief and the City got scared and just gave him 25,000 for a case other people who investigated it said it didn’t happen. they should just tell this guy don’t do it again and put him back on patrol. poor David Wray!!

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