Fight between Miami police officer, lieutenant caught on dash cam during traffic stop

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MIAMI — Miami police are investigating a roadside scuffle between two of their own after a traffic stop involving a police officer and a lieutenant erupted into a roadside wrestling match outside a gas station.

The June 24 altercation between Officer Marcel Jackson and Lt. David Ramras was captured by Jackson’s personal dash cam, which supervisors say was rolling without their knowledge.

The video shows Jackson driving around Miami and pulling over a silver Chevrolet sedan. After about 30 seconds, the man behind the wheel opens the car door and tries to get out.

Ramras stands up and can be heard yelling, “You do know who the f**k I am.”

“No, I don’t,” Jackson shouts back at him.

When the man attempts to step out of the car, Jackson extends his arms and pushes the driver back against the car. The two men wrestle before Jackson drops Ramras to the ground.

Additional officers in three squad cars arrive and break up the altercation.

Ramras stands up and can be heard yelling, “You do know who the f**k I am.”

“No, I don’t,” Jackson shouts back at him.

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  • mimilll

    Today’s modern day technology *provides a lot of info for the public to know*.. Every officer should be required to have some sort of *proof of every situation they are involved in*. Perhaps this would be a good way to stop some of what is going on in this country.

  • Larry T

    Never get out of the vehicle unless you are told to do so, if he’s a cop he should have known that, jeez.

  • Julio

    Yes, Larry, especially in Miami, where years ago they adopted that policy and the citizens aware to please stay in your vehicles unless the officer asks you to step out. The Lt should’ve known better.

  • greatclits

    it’s rare, but arrogant LEO can be found when off duty and sometimes on…. a position of authority can go to one’s head, especially when they deal with lying criminals everyday, when you have to confront someone, it does not always go as planned

  • MoneyBags

    Just another day with a cop abusing his authority….just this time is was captured on camera. Such an arrogant Lt this guy is and he does not deserve to be on the force any longer with an attitude like he has. I dont care who you are, you listen to an order and if you dont, you get dealt with. Hope this cop gets the LT.’s position since he did his job correctly unlike a person of higher rank who I hope loses his job today!

  • Omiwise

    The lieutenant made a dumb move. I’m a granny , even I know you shouldn’t pop out of your car like a jack-in-a-box when a police pulls you over.

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