40-year-old mom with kidney disease defies all odds to become NFL cheerleader

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When a mother of two teenagers turned 40 this year, she decided to fulfill her lifelong dream — to become a cheerleader with the New Orleans Saintsations.

But Kriste Lewis had two things working against her — her age and her health.

The longtime dance instructor was diagnosed with Polycystic kidney disease 14 years ago. She says she’ll eventually need a kidney transplant.

So Lewis wasted no time in capturing the judges’ attention.

After three rounds of tryouts, Lewis was one of 36 women selected for the 2014-2015 Saintsations team.

Source: WGNO


  • MoneyBags

    Saintsations? Is that a team in the womans lingerie league???? Because if someone out there gets hurt, this woman can easily step in and run the ball as long as she tucks it away of her fake sweater puppets!

  • MoneyBags

    Defies all odds? When did a kidney disease limit anybody from actually walking and talking to be a normal person or achieve goals that have? Defies all odds as the title does not seem to fit well with the story. Now maybe if she had one arm and one leg and half a head with one eye AND THEN became a Saintsation cheerleader, THEN we have some sheet to rave about!!!!

    • tkanonymous

      I have end . stage renafailure due to. kidney disease, and I can tell you that every day is a challenge. You never feel “good” and you are.always run down and tired. Good for her for achieving something she has strived for despite her.disease!

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