KKK fliers delivered in Harnett Co. ahead of NC rally

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HARNETT COUNTY, N.C. — Ku Klux Klan recruitment fliers were delivered to some Harnett County residents over the weekend.

A Klan leader told WTVD that the deliveries are ahead of an upcoming North Carolina rally set to take place on Aug. 9. Thousands are expected to attend.

WTVD initially reported the event would be held near High Point. It’s now believed the event will be held in Welcome.

On the organization’s website, the event is listed as “North Carolina,” with the disclaimer: “You must be a LWK member to know where and when.”

Most of the fliers were delivered along N.C. Highway 27, Barbecue Church Road, and in the Tingen Pointe subdivision.

The fliers read “Save Our Land, Join the Klan.”

They ask neighbors whether they’re tired of black crime, black welfare and race-mixing, and lists a Triad-area Klan hotline for membership.

Many neighbors were shocked by the fliers.

Chris Barker, the Imperial Wizard of the North Carolina-based Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan told WTVD that the weekend distributions took place nationwide from California to Louisiana and Georgia.

“It ain’t against the law to distribute fliers. So if they don’t like it, they can pick it up and throw it away. Point blank,” Barker said. “It ain’t no different than the pizza guy who comes to my door.”

Despite the fliers’ concentrated messages towards blacks, Barker said the KKK has a new mission.

“If they (blacks) would actually listen to what we’re talking about, it ain’t about them anymore with the Klan. It’s usually about the immigrants who are flooding (the United States).”

Barker said following the August rally, the group plans to rally against immigration in Texas.

Source: WTVD


  • news2me

    Shameful and disappointing. I am disgusted with any group who favors themselves over all others.
    Mr Barker..Please brush up on your grammatical skills.
    Quote from the article ..” It ain’t against the law to distribute fliers.”
    (Ain’t no such word as ain’t)…
    Please educate yourself . You do not represent the majority in NC. You represent only a fractional percent of a group of people who still think one race is better than another.
    You ave brought SHAME to this state. No one is paying attention to you except yourself.

      • FaithC

        Imaretiree, Bo, Looky, Jethro, Newstome, Sinner 3, If you are going to pot c*rp like above, post under your on name you coward loser.
        We all know that every nasty comment here is posted by you. You post 5 and 6 posts to an article under different names. You are a sick, sorry, loser.

      • sinner 3

        Tell you what Faith !! there is only one sinner 3,There is no substitute !! Read it and weep girl I would never post under your name which has a bad rep any way !! My comments are easy to distinguish from others !! Apparently your just not able to figure it out !! Are you FORREST ?

    • FaithC

      It may sound uneducated to use, but “ain’t” is a word and it is in the dictionary.
      ain’t /ānt/
      unpunctuated: aint; 3rd person present: ain’t
      am not; are not; is not.
      “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”
      •has not; have not.
      “they ain’t got nothing to say”

      • Iama Retiree

        @ FAITHC – I always post under my “REAL” name – Always have, always will – I am not chicken to stand up to you and your better than everyone else attitude .. Just who the hello fuzzy do you think you are — You are always “RIGHT” and everyone else is “WRONG” !
        Ho, Ho – Ha, Ha – Hee, Hee to that !

  • news2me

    I had to read this again to believe what I am reading.
    How old is this man.
    I am thinking he is in that Small 60’s group of Old Uneducated Macho Men who think themselves better than any other group of people.
    I am white and I apologize to all offended by this ignorance….I was taught to Consider the Source and move on…
    You can not fix “Stupid”

  • TooMuchNews

    Barker said. “It ain’t no different than the pizza guy who comes to my door.”
    Why would anyone want to follow this imbecile, If the pizza guy is at your door its because you called him. LolL for real.

  • Robert

    NEWS2ME. please educate yourself! Check out a Websters Dictonary. Funny thing about it is Websters deemed this word “aint” as a word used by black folks. Imagine that. I know my grammar may not be to your specs, but you know something, your problem may be that person looking back at you in the mirror every morn.

    • news2me

      Robert….I used an old cliche and I am amazed at the people attempting to defend the use of the word.
      Who cares??? My problem is reading the Gar-Bage Comments . I prefer to have dialogue with educated people.

  • Tear Drop

    ‘Ain’t’ no different than the NAACP rallies all other races have to deal with and listen to and feel proud that they are not part of such an uneducated bunch of idiots!

    • Tracey

      Big difference, one is fight for rights the other is fighting against right. One is fighting against nature while the other against nurture, being born black, brown, red or yellow verse being brought up to be a bigot! It is ok to have black pride as well as white pride, just don’t impose it on others. Just Do You!!

  • Robert

    Faith C, my comment was meant to go to you so “since you cant fix stupid” nice one cable guy, I thought I would give him top billing but the message is the same. lol

  • dumdums

    Blacks are not the majority of people on welfare. Might need to do some fact checking and update your flyer.

  • sinner 3

    So these guys wear the new style terrorist raghead gear ! Is that stuff permapress ? Their leader speaks with the intelligence of his following !

    • sinner 3

      Got this browser on the internet called Google !! You can get all the info and joining info you need !!

  • Forrest

    Ain’t is a word when you live in southern states and used by many, even by the most edcuated.Dumb dumbs.

  • Kris

    How is it just about immigration when the flier specifically ask… “Tire of black crime, black welfare”

  • Mark

    I’m not a raciest person . Some of my best friends are black . That being said , last year many people on my street received these invitations , and even though I would never join, I was a little upset that I didn’t get one lol .

    • JT

      Uh, Mark, you do know that “I’m not racist–I have black friends” is THE most racist thing you can say, right?

      • NCMale

        Uhhhh actually no, it’s not. The word “friends” is plural so he was not singling out any one group on basis of superiority over that particular group. I’m not racist, I have black friends is not even remotely CLOSE to being a racist comment.

        Truth be told 95% to the people in this Country never use the word “racist” in the proper context anyway. Most don’t even know what it actually means.

      • Mark

        I’m sure that real raciest people can think of much more harsh names than “Black”. I would trust my life with some of these guys . Would you rather me call them “African American” ? Even though they have never stepped foot on the continent ? I’m not , unless you want to call me German , Cherokee , Irish , Lumbee , Spanish , European , and Scottish American . After all I have all of those mixed in somewhere along the line . Get real man ,and stop trying to turn everyone’s comments around to make your liberal self look smarter . Its not working .

      • gena b

        LOL yep….my thoughts exactly. Only a total bigot would make a ridiculous comment like the “i’mnot racist. I’ve got a lot of black friends” thing. It’s laughable really. The whole racism thing is way past due for a change. It’s gotten to the point where people are racist against their own people now. You can’t listen to a rap song these days without hearing the “N” word at least 10 times. Pathetic is what it is.

  • sinner 3

    Those little pointy hats must be kinda tight !! Look like candles makes you want to strike a match and light them up hey ?

  • NCMale

    I really DON’T think there is as much racism in this Country as some want to promote. I think there is a huge gap between not liking someone specifically because of their race, and not liking someone because of their class….class meaning the way you choose to live your life. For instance I’m white, but I cannot stand black thugs, nor can I stand white thugs. I guess I’m more of a classist than anything else, and I think. I’ve been around blacks who act like they have some sense and carry themselves in a courteous, educated way, and 1000% of the time I would choose them over any white, meth using, trash on the face of this earth, nor would I view them any different whatsoever if they were with a group of white people that carried themselves in the same manner, and that’s the honest truth. I know for a FACT I have a couple of black friends that I think more of than any of my white friends…..because we connected with each other in the same manner.

  • Bo Diddley

    Actually blacks have disproportionately higher levels of welfare and crimes than other races. It’s not total numbers, its percentages of a specific group compared to others.

  • Chuck

    Thanks for posting this article *rolls eyes*, see how it’s stirred up a vortex of hate?? kinda reminds me of what I learned from the officers and guards in the prison systems…segregate the races, and 1 officer can “supervise” ..lol 100 inmates. In a nut shell..keep the ethic groups fighting each other and they have no time to see/realize/care about the Big Problems happening in our economy…just plain crowd control period.

  • Axe Kick!

    Don’t worry be happy! Because I’m happy clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth!
    Replace Black with Corporate and what do you have? Corporate crime, Corporate welfare, and Corporate mixing with Communist!

  • NanthanYah Ben Yisrayl

    The Most High Yah PSALMS 68 4. judged us by Nations NOT BY THE COLOR OF OUR SKIN.The so called African Americans, Blacks, Colored, Coons, Porch Monkeys are in fact HEBREW ISRAELITE OF THE BIBLE. STUDY Your scriptures in detail. Duet. 28. Read about the curses that would follow these people for being disobedient. These are covenant people that the most high said that would be a BY-WORD, A MOCKERY, AND A ASTONISHMENT ON THE EARTH. IF YOU DON’T GET IT BY NOW…. YOU JUST DON’T WONT TO UNDERSTAND.

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