Police search for suspect who assaulted, robbed 90-year-old Thomasville woman

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THOMASVILLE, N.C. -- A 90-year-old woman was beaten and robbed inside her own home over the weekend.

Thomasville police say it happened Saturday around 7 p.m. The woman didn't want to give out her name but she did want to get her story out there to hopefully catch this guy.

The great-grandma asked FOX8 to call her “Miss B.”

Miss B says on Saturday evening she went out to water her garden and when she came back in there was someone hiding behind her chair.

"He raised up here and when he did that I turned around screaming," said Miss B.

She says the man used her chair to knock her down and then he beat her with it. Miss B told him where her pocket book was. The suspect took her money and then put her in a room.

"I prayed right then and there and I guess that's the reason I'm here today, I don't know," she said.

Miss B waited until he was gone and then she called 911. She needed stitches in her leg and she had a lot of bruises on her face.

"I just wonder how they feel if it comes back to them seeing me like this, I do wonder about that," she said.

Thomasville police canvassed the neighborhood around Thomasville Middle School on Sunday and Monday, asking homeowners if they heard or saw anything over the weekend.

Thomasville police will be stepping up patrols in the area.


  • FaithC

    Total POS coward. I hope he breaks into someone’s home who is armed and puts this POS down. Problem solved.

  • Keli Grantham Steadham

    It takes a real coward pos to do something like this. His mom must be really proud. smh. I hope they find him and he “accidentally” breaks both arms and legs and……well….you get the picture.

  • lulu5674

    What kind of animal assaults an elderly woman??? She’s someone’s Mother & GrandMother. What kind of Mother does he have, that raised him to think this is okay? I hope he is caught soon and not only punished to the full extent and publicly humiliated!

  • TheTruth

    Stuff like this is happening every day!! never leave your doors unlocked even if you are going outside for a few minutes. i hope this big bad mean thug who beats 90 year olds gets his!! lock and load people you haven’t seen anything yet it’s going to get a lot worst!!!

    • Serio Vitium

      That can only mean he’s black, sadly. Not sure why they continue to protect predators, of any color.

      • Lola King

        This does not mean he is black! If you have looked at the previous post then you would know! The man who got caught raping a dog was not black. The women who got caught beating a child while babysitting was not black. Save your racist comments.

  • nitabug

    Lord have mercy, I’m sure this was a drug addicted person. I pray that they are caught and delt with accordingly by law.

  • LM

    That poor lady. How awful. What kind of humans are we living amongst??? What has happened to society?? Like everyone has said, his Mother must be so proud !! I hope they catch him before he does this again.

  • truth-hurts

    How hard would it be to rob a 90 year old woman?
    He did not have to beat her.
    He is one sick POS.

  • Tear Drop

    This man will have to answer to God when he is eventually killed committing a crime…that is when the true punishment will begin.

  • Kristie Piston

    Thanks for serving and protecting her TPD! Oh wait that’s right, you were probably too busy harassing innocent people.
    God Bless this woman and may the low life who did this suffer forever.

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